Life List

run a mile +  learn to play guitar + reconstruct Hayden’s baby book + drive across the us + produce a flower garden + produce a vegetable garden + learn to can vegetables from my garden + write a children’s book for Hayden + do a pull-up + exercise regularly + live with no dogs + take ball room dance lessons + take Latin dance lessons + drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby + listen to 100 new songs by 100 different artists + master my Canon Rebel XSi + publish a photo + change a flat tire + supply my own electricity + renew my vows + be debt-free + homeschool Hayden + design a fabric + design and build my home + create a family tree to pass down to Hayden + make a quilt + master sewing + read the entire bible + create a piece of wheel-thrown pottery, paint it and fire it in my own kiln + run a successful Etsy shop + build a fire using a magnifying glass + complete a 365 day photography project + compile a list of 100 of my favorite lyrics {something to hope for keeps you sane - rachel garlin / you can check out any time you like but you can never leave - the eagles} +   compile a list of funny quotes +  take a horseback ride down a remote beach + vacation to a tropical paradise with my husband +