Friday, April 29, 2011

From Out of Nowhere

I have very little time, if any, to update this blog. I was forced to stop posting a photo a day, I hope to just pick up where I left off, but who knows when that will be. Work is always the reason I neglect this here spot.

I will end this post with a few photos that prove I do have a life outside of the hole that is my office at work.

But first...a few funny stories.

Chip took one of the puppies to Kansas last weekend leaving Hayden and I alone. I don't remember what we were doing when she asked me quite plainly, "Are you calling me a liar?" "What," I asked. "Are you calling me a liar?"

I asked her where on Earth she had heard that and got no response. She could tell I found it more than funny and broke out in a smile.

A few hours later she was crammed up my ass as I was trying save one of the branches of my pathetic rose bush. Apparently her four wheeler ran the bush over and all but snapped a branch off. The damn thing had the same type of run-in with my blueberry bush and my blackberry bush. Fucking four wheeler! Anyway, I'm getting pricked by a thousand tiny and not-so-tiny thorns when she states, "My finger hurts. My finger is broke." "No, it isn't," I told her. "Yes, my two fingers are broke," she insisted. Once again I said, "No, you fingers are not broke and you are silly." She looked me dead in the eye, smiled and asked, "Are you calling me a liar, mama?" I guess I was but in not so many words.

I still cannot figure out where she came up with that line? She had to hear it somewhere...

In other news, and I can't recall if I have wrote this here yet or not, but Hayden is in a big bed now. Has been for over a month. She is already to the point where she just climbs out when she is ready to get up. I think some kids do this right from the start but not her. I somewhat wish she was a little skittish to get out of bed on her own. Two weeks ago I went to get groceries and when I came home Chip was outside mowing the yard. He gave the sleeping sign to me as I drove past him up the driveway. Oh, ok! Hayden is out. So, I pull my Jeep up to the porch/door for easy unloading and take off around to the kitchen with two armfuls of grocery bags . As I push the door open I see purple petals covering the tile floor. HOLY BIRTHDAY TULIPS! I turned around after sitting the bags on the counter and saw the previously folded clothes/towels/sheets that were on the dining room table unfolded and scattered on the floor too. What in the hell? Now, there is not but one individual who would do such things and his name ain't daddy. Hayden had snapped the top off of 18 glorious purple tulips that a friend gave me for my birthday and made it her mission to make us fold the clothes/towels/sheets yet again. It's about this time that it sinks in she isn't sleeping, I hear a shuffling noise coming from the living room. I peep around the corner and there she sits, in the opposite corner perusing through my birthday gifts from my mom. "Hayden, what are you doing," I asked. Turning, startled, she yells, "Mama, I found you!"

I just hung up the phone with Chip. He said that he and Hayden picked up an old man who's car broke down on the side of the road this morning. He intended to walk home, a good fifteen miles from where he was. Chip said that when he stopped the car and the old man got in a little voice from the back seat inquired, "What is happening here?" Proof that we don't make picking up hitch hikers an everyday activity.

I've rambled longer than I ever intended and I definitely want to make sure I get some photos added as well so I'm going to sum it up by saying thank God it's Friday! Hey! It's Friday! We goin' get high today!

Consider this space updated!