Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Not Ready ~ That Much I Know

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and Hayden was watching Handy Manny. I finished what I was doing and went into the living room. Hayden came over to me and this is the short conversation we had (word for word):

Hayden: "I want a tister."

Me: (dumbfounded, shaking my head, you know, to clear my ears...for I must not have heard her correctly) "What?"

Hayden: "I want a stister."

Me: (with hope in my eyes, because every child craves licorice, right) "You want a twizzler?"

Hayden: "No."

Me: (as if the words are being yanked from my core) "You want a sister?"

Hayden: "Yes!"

Me: (attempting to block out the laughter coming from behind the wall, Chip!) "Oh, oh, oh no!"

WHO? taught you that
WHAT? the hell
HOW? do you even know what a sister is
WHY? me
FUCK! she's only three

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