Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Same Sweet Routine, Different Night

She stands in her bedroom after having refused to tell her daddy good night.

The second I step foot into the room she tells me, oh so quietly, that she has to go tell daddy something. Off she goes.

Her daddy catches her as she flings herself into his arms. A hug and a kiss later she comes racing back to where she left me.

I bend down and happily take the hug and kiss she is eager to give me. "I love you too, mama."

Up! She climbs onto my bed and jumps up and down for a moment before moving towards the edge of the bed. 1, 2, 3! Jump! Into her crib she goes...with a little help from me.

I pull the blankets back and she refuses to put her feet under them. "Tickle me, mama." I do.

Still she refuses to put her feet under the blankets, I turn to leave. "My feet are cold, mama." I go back and tuck her in.

"I love you, Hayden. I'll get you when I go to bed."

"You get me when you go to bed?"


"I love you too, mama."

~ Same sweet shenanigans each and every night, something I'll savor forever.

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