Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011: Photo a Day (Day 1 - Day 6) / Sunday Best

There are two photo projects that I have in mind to complete in 2011. The first being to take a photo a day and post it here, not a novel idea, but a first for me. I think I will be glad that I did it at the end of the year, although it really can be a bitch for me to take and post a photo a day. If it doesn't work out that I can post a photo each day I will do what I am doing today, post several at once. So yes, it is January 6th and I have yet to post a single photo for the project. Fucking awesome! Boy, I am on top of things. For the sake of berating myself any more than I have:

Day 1 : January 1st

Day 2 : January 2nd

Day 3 : January 3rd

Day 4 : January 4th

Day 5 : January 5th

Day 6 : January 6th

The second project I want to complete is simple yet will be powerful at the end of 2011. Chip, Hayden and I will take a family photo each Sunday in front of the tree I planted in our yard two years ago, maybe three (I'll definitely find out what year I planted it). I bought this tree from Arbor Day, well, it came with a number of trees twigs that I received free for signing up and ordering four willow trees (not one of which is still standing). I know not what kind of twig it is. This fact is quite sad because I nursed the hell out of this thing (and one other root ball) for a year or so before believing it could make it after being planted in the ground. To my surprise it has grown quickly and is far from the little twig I first babied, back when I did not have a baby!

January 2nd
(Please note that this 1st family photo of 2011 was taken immediately after quickly admitting/deciding: HELL, I FORGOT THE FAMILY PICTURE! THE FIRST FAMILY PICTURE! GRAB HAYDEN AND JUST RUN OUT THERE BY THAT TREE, THAT'LL WORK!)

Finally! Six days in and I get something out. I'll get better, I promise.

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