Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27 : January 27th

Odd behavior from the driver of this vehicle.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 21 - Day 26

Day 21 : January 21st

Day 22 : January 22nd
A huntin' we go!

Day 23 : January 23rd
Gertie! Strikes! Again!

Day 24 : January 24th
Givin' daddy hell at the insurance company.

Day 25 : January 25th

Day 26 : January 26th
Missing : 1 small rock!

Sunday Best / January 23rd

3 weeks later...our second family photo.
Seen here: Chip wearing the same exact outfit he wore for the first family photo!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 13 - Day 20

Once again, I fail miserably in posting a single photo each day. I actually failed over and over again, a few days even passed (8th, 9th, 12th) where a single photo was not even captured. So there.
The sick hit Hayden 3 weeks ago today. The same sick slapped Chip a few days later and I'll be damned if that same sick didn't creep up and clobber me too, oh, two weeks ago today. My mama is immune gene up and hauled ass apparently as I seem to have been struck the worst out of the three of us. By last Friday I had took all I was taking, I sucked it up and went to the doctor. Thank God for Flonase and Augmentin.
I am just going to go ahead and chalk January's portion of the photo a day project attempt fail up to the sick, that'll work for me. That'll also explain why there was no family photo for the second and third Sunday in January. I didn't forget about it, I simply didn't give a shit and well, I said fuck it! And then I forgot about it, until now anyway.
So, onward! Below are photos from Day 13 - Day 20. From here on out I am hell bent on making this project a success.

Day 13 : January 13th

Day 14 : January 14th

Day 15 : January 15th

Day 16 : January 16th

Day 17 : January 17th

Day 18 : January 18th

Day 19 : January 19th

Day 20 : January 20th 

Day 11 : January 11th

Day 10 : January 10th

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 : January 7th

I found baby Jesus, rather, he found me!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011: Photo a Day (Day 1 - Day 6) / Sunday Best

There are two photo projects that I have in mind to complete in 2011. The first being to take a photo a day and post it here, not a novel idea, but a first for me. I think I will be glad that I did it at the end of the year, although it really can be a bitch for me to take and post a photo a day. If it doesn't work out that I can post a photo each day I will do what I am doing today, post several at once. So yes, it is January 6th and I have yet to post a single photo for the project. Fucking awesome! Boy, I am on top of things. For the sake of berating myself any more than I have:

Day 1 : January 1st

Day 2 : January 2nd

Day 3 : January 3rd

Day 4 : January 4th

Day 5 : January 5th

Day 6 : January 6th

The second project I want to complete is simple yet will be powerful at the end of 2011. Chip, Hayden and I will take a family photo each Sunday in front of the tree I planted in our yard two years ago, maybe three (I'll definitely find out what year I planted it). I bought this tree from Arbor Day, well, it came with a number of trees twigs that I received free for signing up and ordering four willow trees (not one of which is still standing). I know not what kind of twig it is. This fact is quite sad because I nursed the hell out of this thing (and one other root ball) for a year or so before believing it could make it after being planted in the ground. To my surprise it has grown quickly and is far from the little twig I first babied, back when I did not have a baby!

January 2nd
(Please note that this 1st family photo of 2011 was taken immediately after quickly admitting/deciding: HELL, I FORGOT THE FAMILY PICTURE! THE FIRST FAMILY PICTURE! GRAB HAYDEN AND JUST RUN OUT THERE BY THAT TREE, THAT'LL WORK!)

Finally! Six days in and I get something out. I'll get better, I promise.