Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Card(s) 2010

I spent several hours of several days swapping photos and cards, trying in earnest to find a match.
I looked everywhere.

Given ten minutes on the Monday before Christmas this is what I came up with.

this photo
the photo below
two Christmas cards that make me smile!

I do my best work under pressure.


I've been making memos via my phone, listing things I want to write about when I find time, IF I find time. It isn't looking like that is going to happen so here is a brief rundown.

Memo #1 (word for word):
Acoustic crossroads   5 day project   a family pic a week   neighbor fire story   wouldn't hel   stepped in shit   hickory nut fire

Memo #2 (also word for word, as all of these will be):
Cd list   dentist

Memo #3:

Memo #4:
Why do I have this blog   Dump all once in a while   Willie Nelson Sleep In Your Arms

Memo #5:
Sch for a toddler

Memo #6:

Memo #7:
Cleats. Beanie. Phone. Red Bull. Cigs.

Now, let me see if I have a clue what any of this means:

Memo #1 (word for word):
Acoustic crossroads (this is my favorite channel to hear some really unique and interesting sounds)
365 day project (take one photo a day in 2011, post to blog)
a family pic a week (take one family photo under the same tree every Saturday in 2011, post to blog)
neighbor fire story (at a complete loss)
wouldn't hel (at a complete loss)
stepped in shit (self-explanatory)
hickory nut fire (again, at a complete loss)

Memo #2 (also word for word, as all of these will be):
Cd list (post a list of the cds I have in my car)
dentist (I actually remember this and now that I think about it it isn't worth talking about)

Memo #3:
Resolutions (I'll get around to these, I am actually going to make a few this year)

Memo #4:
Why do I have this blog (looks like I answered it in the memo: dump all once in a while)
Willie Nelson Sleep In Your Arms (love this song and remembered why, harmonica)

Memo #5:
Sch for a toddler (schedule for toddler, structure Hayden's day more)

Memo #6:
Baptism (Driving to the store up the road I passed a group of cars parked on the bridge. It was cold outside. People were heading down to the water wearing their Sunday best. I live in a place where people are still baptised in the creek closest to their church.)

Memo #7:
Cleats. Beanie. Phone. Red Bull. Cigs. (Christmas ideas for Chip, 2 out of 5...not for lack of trying.)