Monday, October 4, 2010

Well That Explains It!!

I've had a mild to sometimes severe pain in my jaw for years. Years.

I'll just come right out and admit that I am not one to frequent the dentist.

I had a tooth (#1) in my head that was broken for years. Years. I grew balls and had it pulled last November. When the dentist pulled that tooth he filled the one next to it (#2). He stated that the filling was quite deep and it may or may not end up having to have a root canal.

Again, this was last November, and I have not been pain free since. Needless to say, the tooth the dentist filled in hopes of avoiding a root canal was going to have to be fixed. I made the appointment for this morning. After x-rays and a brief exam the dentist told me that the tooth was not inflamed or infected, it looked great actually. What had been causing me pain for so long was not the tooth I had pulled or the tooth I had was TMJ.

My nanny, aunt and uncle all have TMJ.

Honestly, this explains a lot.

I don't know if it is good news or bad news, really. I went in expecting to have to pay out of pocket for one root canal, possibly two (# 12 is fucked too)! Instead, I came out the owner of an occlusal guard and a tooth filled with composite resin. All for $607!

I also now have a doctor's excuse for when Chip wants a....


Funny how things seem to work out in my favor, for the most part.

PS ~ We took Hayden to the dentist as well. Her chipped tooth apparently isn't an issue until it turns brown, falls out and/or is an obvious nuisance to her. So, ONWARD!

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