Monday, September 27, 2010

Three People, Two Days, One Goal

Saturday came and went, we did not move Hayden to her "big girl bed" upstairs. We did manage to take our bed apart in preparation for moving it downstairs.

Sunday brought much-needed rain and a very nonchalant attitiude on my part. However, we did make progress, even if only slightly.

Let's see...first we dismantled the crib, taking off the front panel only, thus creating a "big girl bed." Hayden took right to it. By that I mean she took to climbing on it and jumping maniacally to the floor. Repeatedly.

The thrill wore off as quick as a fart escapes Chip's ass the minute he stands up each morning when we told her she was going to take a nap in her new bed.

(We knew the change wouldn't be easy, but that's all we knew. This is our first rodeo too.)

Twenty minutes later Hayden was still scurrying around her room, sitting on top of Kiki, standing at her door looking downright pitiful. She was saved from the first attempt at a nap by her nanny and papaw Mac stopping by.

After they left we decided to try it again, we have balls, they're huge. This time we brought a twin mattress into her room and put it on the floor. Hayden was super excited about this. She jumped and jumped and was over the moon when she realized she could sleep side by side with bitch-face Kiki. At this point I thought we might have a winner in the mattress idea. I was wrong. An hour and a half later (NO SHIT!) she was still sauntering around her room with no intention of laying down and going to sleep. With no clue what else to do we put the front panel back on her crib and put her in it. That didn't go over well, of course. Hayden went wild but eventually fell asleep, for three hours.

After visiting with my brother and his family, taking a much needed drive, grabbing a pizza and hanging out on the couch, it was time for round, what, three. At around nine o'clock we told Hayden that it was time to go to sleep. We told her good night and put her in her bedroom with Kiki, on her big girl bed. She spent about thirty minutes wandering and wallowing before she fell asleep.

This morning I came downstairs and poked my head around the corner of her door. There she was, curled up in her bed next to Kiki.

The good news, she slept in her "big girl bed" all night.
The bad news, she was awake when I peeked in at her  this morning and she saw me, it was 6:15. Sorry, daddy.
The other news, our bed...yeah, still in shambles.

...the things we do for our babies.

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Biz said...

That brings back so many memories! I was a single mom so moved in with my parents for what I thought would be a year, but quickly turned into five years!

Anyway, when my daughter made the move to the twin bed, she had no problem sleeping in the bed, and falling asleep. However, every night she somehow ended up in my bed - and he would have had to crawl over me to get in there!

What can I say - I sleep like the dead.

Good luck! :D