Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Repeated Friction, Constant Grinding : Gone, Just Like That!

It all started with this, a first:
June 23, 2010
A hard spot on my bird finger, the one on my right hand. For days I flicked it with my thumb nail, dumbfounded. I figured it was a wart which really made no sense as the only wart I've ever had was on my knee. My great grandfather rubbed it with his thumb when I was but a child and told me to look at it every day and it would go away. I did, it did. So, this spot...while driving to work one morning it occured to me that that particular finger is my scrolling finger. After more than a week of bewilderment I figured it out. The hard spot was a callus from working my poor finger to the almost bone.

And that is how my summer started.

That is how it stayed, up until today pretty much.

The career path I am on right now is one that allows me down time more than it cripples me with chaos. When chaos does occur, and occur it will, it knocks me down.

So, here I sit...for nine hours a day. Not a damn thing to do to speak of and certainly not complaining.

I so need this.

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