Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Weekend of Summer

Weekend Rewind

Hayden said shit! twice, once in public. Thankfully, she was with nanny, so it reflected poorly on her, not me!

Chip and I drove 51 miles in the wrong direction. Who knew you were supposed to go south when leaving Kentucky in route to Georgia? Apparently not Chip. Totally my fault though as I was reading a magazine when we cruised by several signs with the letter N on them. For future reference, Chip, N means in up. Heed the advice I gave you: when in doubt, always head south.

Dollar General rewarded me handsomely by slashing prices on its summer shenanigans. $2.50 for a slip-n-slide. Why I have wanted one of these is...well, beyond me. After some major confidence-boosting by Chip and complete disregard to the warnings on the box I slipped, and slid and fucked up the skin on my elbow.

Slip-n-slide FAIL!

Slip-n-slide SUCCESS!

We wrapped up the summer with one hell of a busy but relaxing weekend, is that possible? We are ready for fall and the fun that comes with being cooped up and cold...did I just say that? SHIT! That is so not true.

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