Thursday, May 20, 2010


As with last year and the year before that, my story-telling/bull-shitting will all but come to a screeching halt during the summer months. May - September are incredibly arduous. I hustle, persevere and am ever so thankful when October comes around and I can finally sit back in my office chair, breathe deeply and exhale what always proves to be a season straight out of hell.

I could go on and on when it comes to my work, to be honest, the fear of someone I work with someday reading what I write is enough to intice me to keep my trap shut. Not that I actually think anyone I work with reads this, I know otherwise. However, the minute I spew shit on here is the minute prior to some dude in the back googling daffy, driving, dribble and having an epiphany.


Hayden shit in her potty two days ago. How's that for a transition? Work = Shit, or rather, work makes me think about shit. Shit, work, work, shit. Oh, me!

I thought that perhaps this was her very first #2 in her potty and I appear to be correct. After a thorough search of the two posts under the "bowel movements" label I found nothing more than proof that she had peed in her potty three days in a row and shit in the bathtub two days in a row.

Let it be known that at one day shy of 27 months old Hayden successfully dropped a coupl'a turds right where turds are supposed to be dropped. GO! HAYDEN!

She hasn't done it since. There's that.

There's also Yin. She finally delivered her puppies last night, poor bitch looked like she was gonna blow. She looked excruciatingly miserable.
I walked to the door of the laundry whelping room last night and looked down at Yin and her, two, three, four, five, six, seven...and so it begins, "THE COUNTING!" I anticipate thousands of head counts in the next couple of months. Save. Me. From. The. Insanity.

I like instant gratification, I just do. It is that time of year again...flies and ants are back, and BAD!

Well, tomorrow is Friday. I'm going to try and follow through on two things: This Moment and Bits. I'm lucky to have found the time for this post so we'll see how it goes.

Until next time...

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