Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hop : Skip : Jump


Summer is without a doubt approaching fast.

Work is bending me over.

Need. Relief.

I'll get it tomorrow. In the form of CARRIE AND FLORIDA!

HOLY SHIT! I am so fucking excited, so is Carrie, I can hear it in her voice when I talk to her.


Hayden has drawn all over our couch with a pen, a purple (just switched to the updated editing version, look: colored text!) one. At least three times a week she will point to the scribbles and declare, "I did that!"

She will repeat this until I say, "Yes, you did that."

Sandy said the two of them were looking through a library book, a pop-up one. One of the pop-ups was torn from the book. Hayden noticed and said, "Kiki did that!"

Impossible, for Kiki is a dog.

So the blame game begins.


The cap to our toothpaste went missing (see: Hayden). I looked for it for days, apparently not hard enough though, it was right under my ass:


The constant mowing has started again, as it does every year. I keep hoping that the yard will just mow itself but lo: NO!
I can't complain too much though, there is solitude in a good mow job, right? Right.


Two more things and then I am out for a few days, more like five!

Chip finished (all but the wood running horizontally) Hayden's pen our fence on Sunday.
You can't see it but there is field fence running along the posts, and a gate! A real gate! It closes and everything, much to Hayden's disappointment.

I'll end with one more beautiful thing, my baby's dirty toes:


P.S. NO WORK FOR 5 DAYS! Did I say that already?

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