Friday, April 9, 2010

Five For The Man, Now Two For you

I went to Food Lion last weekend and scored big time! While walking the cereal aisle a voice came over the intercom and announced that all of the potted plants in the floral department were .99 cents.
.99 CENTS!! I casually hauled ass across the store and found several women with their buggies already full of plants, flowers, gift baskets. I jumped right in, spending a whole $10 bucks!

Check it:

After I got home and sorted through everything I added up what I would have spent had I not just stumbled on the deal of the damn day! $57.00!


I don't want to jinx what is happening but I have to report...
The pacifier is looking like it may be on its way out. Chip and I have noticed that Hayden doesn't seem to miss it when she doesn't have it. She doesn't ask for it or look for it until she is ready for bed. I thought we would play hell breaking her pacifier habit/dependency. It looks like we may not after all. How awesome is that? Very awesome! Very, very awesome! I honestly didn't feel like inventing a paci fairy but I would have, and still will, if it becomes necessary. I told myself I wouldn't push the "no pacifier" issue right now and I'm not going to, all in good time, right?


I started a blog for our kennel yesterday: Brinkhaus Rottweilers

So, there's that!


I'm running short on time.

Credit to Kidd Kraddick for the title post/quote.

I permed my hair about a month ago (like 1980's permed) and have yet to post a photo, not for lack of trying I might add. One day I'll take a decent photo and add it here. I asure you, you aren't missing much.


Oh, also...
Is it terribly rude/mean/cold-hearted to make fun of someone's spelling, repeatedly (as in that person repeatedly spelling words incorrectly and me making fun of them every single time)? Is it even ruder/meaner/more cold-hearted to assume they are a dumb ass because they can't spell a licke, I mean lick?

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