Friday, April 2, 2010


IT SUCKS TO BE ME...(not too bad though, it's only a "courtesy warning")

So I speed, whoopitydo!


I am usually up until around 10:00 at night. Last night Hayden wouldn't go to sleep so I took her upstairs around 9:00 and laid down with her, fulling intending to get back up for a bit. I fell asleep. Shocker!

I go downstairs to the bathroom this morning, flip on the switch, with my eyes still adjusting to the light I sit down on the toilet to pee and am rudely awakened by what I believe to be piss running down my leg. I jump up, try to clinch the flow, can't (damn kegals!), piss on the floor a little bit, look down and realize some asshole has covered the toilet with clear cling wrap. I jerked it off (carefully) and sat my ass back down to finish what I started.

I am plotting a revenge like non other...GET OVER IT! CHIP!

Hate to say it BUT I want these little fuckers gone:


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