Friday, March 5, 2010

This Moment : Week One

Numerous weeks ago I dedicated Friday's to bits. I followed through exactly one time. Par and GO! me.

I'm still going to stick with it if I have something to bitch about which shouldn't be all that difficult, but hell, some weeks it is hard to think of a reason that it sucks to be me (for this I am thankful). Shit is going fairly smooth once again. I can roll with the flow all day. Maybe I will start doing bits about Chip, he has more bad luck than I do. Bad luck fairs well when doing bits.

Wait! I got one, referencing Chip, of course.

Pipes froze, no water, toilet piled high with shit. Shit that was not my own.

Use your imagination.

So, anyway...

Soule Mama has a Friday ritual: {this moment}

I plan to follow her lead. How difficult can posting a photo and not writing a single word be? Besides, I love this sort of thing.

Above is my photo for this week, taken today. I cheated. I added some words to the photo but will refrain from doing so next week!


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