Friday, March 12, 2010


Last week Hayden and Chip woke up to a bird flying around in the bedroom. A bird. Flying. In the bedroom.

Hayden was spooked at first. Chip carefully opened the door leading to the deck off of the bedroom and out it flew.

"Bird," declared Hayden.

It sucks to be them!


I overheard Chip talking on the phone a few days ago...
"My schedule is fairly wide open," he proclaimed.
Fairly. Wide. Open.
What are the chances of that? Slim to none in my case. My schedule is never fairly wide open, except for Saturdays and Sundays, even then I have to clear my plans with Hayden.
Fairly wide open. Ha!


I go into Hayden's room each and every evening in order to straighten her sheet, blankets and pillows. Just a couple of months ago I was on the verge of moving her to a toddler bed. I am happy to say that I exercised a little patience and didn't. She hasn't tried to escape again and she sleeps like a champ for the most part. I credit this to my habit of making her bed just so.


"You got it!"
"I got it!"
So went the short exchange between Hayden and I recently. Pronouns, really, at age two?!


I don't know if I have ever posted anything about Moo cards. I love the mini cards. I've spent the past two Decembers uploading 100 photos to the Moo website in order to have the mini cards made. I have my favorite photos of Hayden's first and second years on my refrigerator.


I went out to my mom's car (loaner) on Friday morning to go to work and had what I deem a "fucking idiot" moment. I grabbed the keys to fire it up and found this (including the metal ring that keys actually do attach to):

I sit for a few seconds, wondering why in hell Chip would take the key off the ring, he knows I'm almost always in a rush when leaving the house. Does he really want to piss me off, because this would so work?! Realizing I have to do something I go back into the house, wake up the sleeping beauties and hold that key directly in front of his face, like WTF!! Hayden starts to cry, mama just ruined whatever bliss she had going. Chip calmly takes the key and pushes the little black button in the corner. Out pops the key! He, of course, thinks this is hilarious.

I, of course, think him not being able to spell don't correctly is even more side-splitting. D-o apostrophe n-t!! Oh my God, it gets me every time. It will never get old.


Also, I have come to a conclusion (with the help of Chip, who this also applies to):


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