Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Bloom

I realize I talk quite a bit about Hayden's hair. Her hair is the first thing people comment on when they see her. It's ornamental, and beautiful.

Just like the cherry trees in my parent's yard.

I am ecstatic that spring is here. The seasons are changing and I can see it, feel it.

Last year I posted a picture a day for the entire first month of spring. I'm skipping that this year. I'll leave it at the top photo and move on.

So, I probably just lied, I'll post other photos, just not every day.

It really is a gorgeous time of year in north Georgia. Especially, with Hayden by my side.

Copy:Paste (started on the 23rd)

Where's paci at? * Shoes off. * Puppies out. * Thank you. * Bath, please. * Get up daddy. * What are you doing? * Please. Please. Please.

Not only is Hayden talking, she is talking in sentences. This started recently, much to my delight and blatant shock. No longer does she say paci, paci...it's...where(s) paci at?

I can be cleaning in the living room and she'll come through and demand to know what I am doing. It sounds like this: ottor-oo-doing?

Mindblowing I tell you! Seriously, I look down at her like dude, did you just speak to me? In a full sentence? HOLY SHIT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! You are speaking to me. And what you are saying makes sense.

She has also caught on to the fact that please will get her just about anything, within reason. It was close to her bed time the other night and she decided she wanted to take a bath. We, in no way, shape or form wanted to give her a bath, it was around 8:00 or so and one of us had something terribly important to watch on TV. Sue me! Chip has started giving Hayden a bath in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays (she goes to Sandy those two days and we want her hair presentable) instead of the night before. So anyway, she wants to take a bath and we know this becasue she is standing in front of us demanding a bath (the enunciation of the 'th' is like none I've ever heard). We reward her with no response. I look at Chip out of the corner of my eye, he does the same to me. We don't say a word in hopes that she will just give it up. Lo and behold she busts out the manners..."Please. Please," (which comes out as peas) she begs. I look at Chip and we agree that we just can't deny her a bath when she is asking so politely. So, he sucked it up and gave Ms. Manners a bath.

Fast forward to yesterday. Outside...please. Shoes...please. Puppies out please. GAH! Now what?


Hayden's 2 year well-check was last Friday. Everything went very well! Here are her stats:

Height: 3' exact (give or take an 1/8 of an inch, LOL!)
Weight: 27.2 lbs

Overall Diagnosis: Healthy!

Awesomeness right there! I love me some healthy, especially in the form of a toddler.


I took off work last Friday, to do the doctor thing and to try and get Chip a vehicle. We succeeded in both!

Now, I don't love the truck, but Chip seems to and he is the one who drives it. Works for me.


Hayden and I went to two birthday parties last weekend. Both for my cousin's kids. I dressed her in what E would call a "gertie" outfit and off we went.

Party #1

Party #2

We had a fun time at both parties. It makes me wish Hayden had a playmate her age that she was around more than once a week. Right now she may or may not see Isaiah or Ingrid during the week. There are weeks she goes without seeing a single child. It'll be fine, I know. She is social and does jump right in when other kids are around and playing. I won't go into detail about her pushing Ingrid down and bending her finger back yesterday.

Moving on...

I met Dustin's babies two weekends ago. Just look how sweet they are:

I think I'll end it there, perfection!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


Last week Hayden and Chip woke up to a bird flying around in the bedroom. A bird. Flying. In the bedroom.

Hayden was spooked at first. Chip carefully opened the door leading to the deck off of the bedroom and out it flew.

"Bird," declared Hayden.

It sucks to be them!


I overheard Chip talking on the phone a few days ago...
"My schedule is fairly wide open," he proclaimed.
Fairly. Wide. Open.
What are the chances of that? Slim to none in my case. My schedule is never fairly wide open, except for Saturdays and Sundays, even then I have to clear my plans with Hayden.
Fairly wide open. Ha!


I go into Hayden's room each and every evening in order to straighten her sheet, blankets and pillows. Just a couple of months ago I was on the verge of moving her to a toddler bed. I am happy to say that I exercised a little patience and didn't. She hasn't tried to escape again and she sleeps like a champ for the most part. I credit this to my habit of making her bed just so.


"You got it!"
"I got it!"
So went the short exchange between Hayden and I recently. Pronouns, really, at age two?!


I don't know if I have ever posted anything about Moo cards. I love the mini cards. I've spent the past two Decembers uploading 100 photos to the Moo website in order to have the mini cards made. I have my favorite photos of Hayden's first and second years on my refrigerator.


I went out to my mom's car (loaner) on Friday morning to go to work and had what I deem a "fucking idiot" moment. I grabbed the keys to fire it up and found this (including the metal ring that keys actually do attach to):

I sit for a few seconds, wondering why in hell Chip would take the key off the ring, he knows I'm almost always in a rush when leaving the house. Does he really want to piss me off, because this would so work?! Realizing I have to do something I go back into the house, wake up the sleeping beauties and hold that key directly in front of his face, like WTF!! Hayden starts to cry, mama just ruined whatever bliss she had going. Chip calmly takes the key and pushes the little black button in the corner. Out pops the key! He, of course, thinks this is hilarious.

I, of course, think him not being able to spell don't correctly is even more side-splitting. D-o apostrophe n-t!! Oh my God, it gets me every time. It will never get old.


Also, I have come to a conclusion (with the help of Chip, who this also applies to):


This Moment : Week Two

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Shit You Not

Him: "How do you spell don't?"

Me: "How did you spell it?"

Him: "D-o apostrophe n-t."

Me: (hysterical silent laughter) "No! D-o-n apostrophe t."

Him: "Weird. I've spelled it that way for years."

Me: "I know. I thought it was a typo."

Friday, March 5, 2010

This Moment : Week One

Numerous weeks ago I dedicated Friday's to bits. I followed through exactly one time. Par and GO! me.

I'm still going to stick with it if I have something to bitch about which shouldn't be all that difficult, but hell, some weeks it is hard to think of a reason that it sucks to be me (for this I am thankful). Shit is going fairly smooth once again. I can roll with the flow all day. Maybe I will start doing bits about Chip, he has more bad luck than I do. Bad luck fairs well when doing bits.

Wait! I got one, referencing Chip, of course.

Pipes froze, no water, toilet piled high with shit. Shit that was not my own.

Use your imagination.

So, anyway...

Soule Mama has a Friday ritual: {this moment}

I plan to follow her lead. How difficult can posting a photo and not writing a single word be? Besides, I love this sort of thing.

Above is my photo for this week, taken today. I cheated. I added some words to the photo but will refrain from doing so next week!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daffy Driving Dribble

I was backing out of my driveway this morning and something yellow caught my eye. Hallelujah! The daffodils are back in bloom. Spring is just around the corner and I can see it!

Yesterday after work I'm driving home, minding my own, running about 65, give or take, probably give. An SUV pulls up to the stop sign on the opposite side of the road, surely he is going to wait for me to pass before pulling out, right? Not a chance in hell! He pulls his piece into my lane which causes me to have to tap my brakes. I'm pissed, couldn't he have just had a little patience? Behold, he slaps on his blinker. I proceed to whip it around him and lay on my horn at the same time (I'm fearless like that). He lays on his horn and throws his hands up, because you know, I pulled out in front of him and then threw my turn signal on. I give the dude my meanest look only realize there's a bitch driving the SUV. My bad, I should have known!

Let it be known that if you pull out in front of someone, make them slow down and then turn you deserve to have your head crammed even further up your ass.

And no, I am not bitter!

Two days ago I was driving home after work and had no choice but to cruise right underneath a flock of what I believe was a few thousand birds. I commented (to myself) how amazing it was that I just drove my car through what could have been a shit-fest without a drizzle of poop on my windshield.

I went out yesterday to get in my car and realized that I was wrong. Very, very wrong. It's bad! The bird shit! How I didn't see it when it landed is beyond me. I repeat, it's bad! And brown. All over.


The end.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Twins Have Arrived

My cousin, Dustin, died unexpectedly last August. His girlfriend was about seven weeks pregnant...with twins!

The twins were born yesterday, March 1, 2010.


Much love surrounds these babies, their mother and of course, Myra, Alvin and DJ.

I miss Dustin. I wish he was here. We all do.