Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hayden, Puppies, A Job, Oh, and a Party!

So, I'm nervous.

Probably unnecessarily so. I'm mama and that's what I do, I get nervous. Especially when it comes to Hayden.

It is quite possible that Hayden will start attending school/day care next week! Oh, man. Come Friday I will visit the center and see how I like it, more importantly, how I think Hayden would like it.

She will go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She will still continue to go to Sandy's on Tuesday and Thursday. This leaves Chip free to...


Awesome!!! We so could use a reliable extra income.

We have a litter of puppies due any day now. Shit, now that I think about it, we have a lot going on, which is how things ALWAYS go for us. Nothing in between, everything at once.

1. Hayden's child care
2. Litter of pups
3. Starting a new job

All huge adjustments, all happening at the same damn time. Hayden's child care and Chip starting a new job go hand in hand. The litter of puppies adds a little "oh, shit" to the mix.

My wish is for Ageda's litter to be healthy and there to be no bottle feeding in my future. My bottle feeding days are well, still very fresh in my mind. Not from Hayden mind you, from nursing two other litters. Have I stated here before how much I loathe bottle feeding puppies, the shit involved, literally and figuratively, the shit involved?!

Let me not piss myself off.

I'll sum it up by saying that stimulating a bottle fed puppy and cleaning it's excretions do not make it to the top of my Want To Do list, actually they fall just above take it up the ass located on the bottom of my I'll Die Before I...list (this list of course starts at ten and works its way down, with one being the worst).

I have a feeling the next month, month and a half, is going to be full, full of fun and "are you fucking kidding me" moments.

Oh! I forgot! Add Hayden's birthday party to the pot. No, go on, do it. Just do it. Now, I seriously smell some funk brewing.

Lord, please help me. Give me patience. If not patience, at least let me speak after I have thought about what I want to say so as not to blurt out a heap of stuff I can't filter once it's out there.

* Points to ponder 2 weeks from now:
Hayden's schooling
Chip's job
Hayden's birthday/party

* A reminder to myself, my short term occasionally takes a shit too. Speaking of, the van is at a shop (two weeks later)! No news yet.

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