Monday, February 1, 2010

Greener, On my Side

In my attempts to be a better American citizen (HA!) and make the world a better place I intend to put my family on a greener path in 2010. I said it was going to happen last year but I mean it this time around. I have absolutely no reason not to at least try and every reason to make it work.

My plan is to start small. I'm starting with the things that I know my family can change without being too drastic and unrealistic and costly.

Chip has started making bread. He doesn't have his system right on yet but he's getting so close. We also eat frozen vegetables and fruit that is in season. I do not buy anything canned unless I absolutely must.

I've cut down the amount of cans, cardboard, preservatives and plastic that enter our home. The beer cardboard that does make its way in is now being separated from actual trash and recycled.

Same goes for scraps, food, coffee grounds, etc. Come spring we will start a compost. I have wanted to do this for years and was simply too lazy (there I said it!). Not any more. I intend to get an enclosed bin, park it by the back door and USE it! A successful compost will also save me money come time for planting (an unsuccessful compost will likely save me making any neighborhood friends) . If all goes well there will be no store-bought soil in my future. Score!

Last, and this one is perhaps the most important (and expensive, of course), is acquiring a source for meat and eggs. I think I have the hamburger meat covered. If it weren't for our dogs we could raise the chickens on our property. But...dogs, no way around that fact. Hopefully, as the year progresses a supplier for pork, chicken and eggs will turn up. Curbing our addiction to bacon might play out alright, not so much when it comes to chicken and eggs.

I'm not looking for perfection and I realize these things won't happen overnight but I am anxious to do this. I can't control a lot of what happens outside of my home but I can control what happens inside. I can teach my daughter to take care of herself and her environment, and that is important to me.

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