Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bread Plan (Not Bed Pan)

After seven loaves (six made by Chip, one by yours truly) and one chipped tooth...


The Perfect Traditional White Bread

I made this loaf, obviously. Of course, I do have a little secret.

It rhymes with fred taker.

Chip's brother has been making bread as well. To hear him tell it his bread is a success. I doubt him though. My doubt has absolutely nothing to do with the seven loaves and one chipped tooth I mentioned earlier. Sure, others can have success where we fail, I realize this. But dude, we are talking about bread making - something it takes years to perfect. It is an art.

The brother in law is visiting this weekend and I have concocted a plan. I am going to use old fred taker once again and prepare two loaves before he arrives. I do so want him to taste my 'homemade' bread. I want him to compare it to his. I may or may not reveal to him my little secret. It depends on his comparison and how nice he is.

Who am I kidding?

I'm not saying a word.

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