Friday, January 8, 2010

Quotes ~ n~ Bits

"Way back up in the country, back in the hills, down in the hollows where the folks are real.." (Tracy Byrd)

(When I heard the quotes below, I thought about the above.)

A call into a local radio station this morning:
"I just wanted to let everybody know that there's a cow and a mule standing right on the side of I-75 at exit 336."

A call from our neighbor to my husband one night last week:
"I'm out here in y'alls yard. If I can catch it, can I have the chicken that's up in y'alls tree?"


On Fridays, if I remember and have time, I will add to the following bits (source: Kidd Kraddick):


Get Over It!
You aren't the only one with staggering electric bills. Get over it!

Does That Make Me Crazy?
I don't feel the need/desire/want to announce my every move on Facebook/Myspace/Twitter. Does that make me crazy?

It Sucks To Be Me
It's 19 degrees outside. All of my thermals are dirty. It sucks to be me!

By the's fucking cold!

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