Monday, December 14, 2009

This, That, Other

Let it be known that on the 12th day of December dweeb retired his summer uniform in exchange for his winter regalia. It consists of a clusterfuck of flannel, fleece, denim and a lot of it. Dookie brown is in the house yo. In the form of overalls...and denim.

Let it also be known that I do not think this is awesome. In any way. Shape. Or form. Oh, no.

I have come up with a great solution in place of gift wrap. Fabric! I will save the gifts I wrap in fabric for our family gift exchange, in other words I won't be putting the packages through the brutal ordeal that is shipping. I will also include a simple, sweet note requesting the fabric be returned to me as soon as it is convenient, preferably after the gift has been unwrapped and before we leave the family party. I'm out nothing!

Sandy is suspect, scratch that, she has been proven guilty. Hayden came home from nanny and papaw's house with pink toes! How she got the little stinker to stay still is beyond me. Pink toes on Hayden...cute, but something I can't get used to. Apparently she can't either as she is repeatedly pointing at them while saying ah oh!

I made the pumpkin pie recipe that comes attached to the canned Libby's pumpkin goodness. Lawdy!! Let me just say that I ate about 2/3 of it myself, no joke! Damn! Dude! It is good shit! Very, very good shit! And easy!

I have come to the conclusion that next Christmas any gifts that I do not make I am going to order online and ship direct to the recipient. A gift that starts out at $9 ends up being $18 when it's all said and shipped. Not cool!

Also, I received my gift from Carrie. She really outdid herself this year. I'll leave it at that. She doesn't read this but just in case she does...

I finally realized that I failed (AGAIN) at my attempt to send out Christmas cards with our family picture on them. I kept thinking it might happen but then on Friday accepted the fact that it probably wasn't going to happen. I'm ok with this. However, I swear (AGAIN) next year will be different.

Actually, that reminds me...I AM going to make an e-card. Call me clever. Handy. Cost-conscious. I have the tools and I am going to make it happen!

To be continued...

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