Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Many More This, That, Other Posts Can There Be

There we sit, me and him, with her standing in between us scratching our backs, simultaneously. About ten seconds in it clicks. This, this right here is why we had a kid. I knew that one day we would somehow benefit physically from having her around. This is it! This is the beginning. It’s working! We now have a back scratcher! Soon! Soon we will have a dish washer, trash-taker-outer, sweeper, toilet cleaner, my God! The implications of this simple act are enormous!


I noticed that a tiny piece of Hayden’s tooth was missing, oh about three weeks ago. My mom mentioned it too. I got to thinking about it and wanted to see if I could figure out when the piece went missing. So, I looked back through my November pictures. Behold, the tooth in its entirety the week before Thanksgiving.

Last night, while she was trying to shovel jell-o into her mouth using her fingers (HA!) I snapped a great photo of her tooth as it exists now.

WTF! See it? Her right front tooth? It's fairly noticeable.

How does a toddler break off a piece of tooth like that? Eating a rock? Did she fall? Did I not see the fall? Chip? Where was he? A dumdum couldn’t take out a tooth. Could it? A candy cane maybe?

Regardless of what or how she chipped her tooth, it’s chipped. Adds character. Right?


Here is what I looked like when I walked into my brother's house only to hear this from my nephew:

"Daaaang, who are you?"

I'm thinking it was just the boots that took him by surprise, hoping it was just the boots...

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