Monday, December 7, 2009


Hayden the hoot! Wild and funny. No, I'm not talking about her hair. Although, it too, is wild and funny (looking) at times.

Lately, and I have no idea why, she has been picking her nose and sticking her finger in her mouth. I have yet to see her pick an actual booger so I am left to assume she likes the taste of snot. She especially likes her right nostril.

Over the weekend I watched her walk away from me, stick her finger in her ear and then stick that same finger into her mouth. Am I to assume she likes the taste of ear wax as well? I tend to favor snot over ear wax myself.

Last week I caught her dancing, just a little bit, to the jingle from Two and a Half Men. Last night she breaks into song... men, men, men, meeeeen. God! No! My greatest hope, beyond health and happiness for her, was that she not give a shit about men for at least twenty years. Where did I go wrong?

Last, certainly not least...

Behold, the hoot winks (notice the tongue movement, I think she does this to compensate for not actually winking), smiles and shows her teeth.

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