Wednesday, October 28, 2009


: is curious. about the excretory system and the toilet. her thing right now is to come up behind me while i am on the potty and nudge shove my back forward while peeking ramming her head into the little space between the edge of the toilet and my rear end. she does this while mumbling something i do not comprehend.

: is a trickster, whether she actually knows it, i am not sure. she flushes the toilet whether i am finished or not. then she flushes it again and goes so far as to flush it a third time before she realizes that the toilet is fresh out of flushes. this is an issue when i have not tied it off and she has exhausted the toilet and my turds excretions have not one place to go but there.

: is perceptive. when she wants to be. three nights ago i was scrolling down my main page of facebook. hayden's little voice was in the back of my head. i eventually picked up what she was saying, rit-ny, rit-ny. huh? i went back to scrolling and noticed that my cousin's picture was on the monitor, her name is brittany. rit-ny = brittany and my baby = smart.

: is nothing if not cute and heartbreakingly adorable. toddler tummy and all, jacked-up unruly hair included. after her bath and right before she goes to bed she crawls up on the couch and wallows me. i tickle her back and she drifts in and out. just precious.

Hayden is a curious trickster who is perceptive, cute and adorable. If I didn't already have her, I'd want her. Too bad though...

...and neither are her saggy-ass jeans!

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