Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Genius : Carrie

Last time I wrote I was expecting company. My company has since come and gone and so have Labor Day and the weekend that came with it.

When I moved from Florida I left behind a true friend. One who listens, farts, belches, laughs at everything, anything, can hold as much beer as I can, knows a lot of shit about me, is still there even though she knows a lot of shit about me...the list goes on. It was hard leaving her, hard I say. I was having withdrawals something awful, being the amiga she is, she took it upon herself to come visit me, well, us.

There is an airline (Allegiant) that flies directly from Sanford, which is maybe 20 minutes from her house, into Chattanooga, which is about an hour from our house. So, score either way! By flying Allegiant we miss the maniacal mess we call Atlanta and the airport that comes along with it. Furthermore, we skip the shithole that we sometimes refer to as Orlando and the airport that comes along with it. Words can not express the joy that this discovery (Allegiant) has given us.

Anyway, Carrie, being the penny-pincher she is, watched the website like a hawk and finally broke down and shelled out $90 for a round trip ticket to paradise, I mean Chatsworth. She was set to arrive on Friday morning and leave the following Monday morning. Thursday, the day before her departure from Florida she did what any responsible adult would do; she checked her ticket for specifics. Good thing too as she noticed that she was scheduled to depart from Chattanooga instead of Sanford, oops! OOPS! She booked the wrong flight, well, the right flight but going the wrong direction. So, technically, yes, the wrong flight. The customer service rep, who apparently hadn’t been informed that the customer is always right, told her that she had to pay an additional $220 in order to correct her mistake. Based on this bullshit she decided to just drive. She arrived at 12:30 a.m. Friday. We do up the town BIG time (please, it's Chatsworth)! Come Monday morning she pulled out, got just south of Macon and there sat Barney. Well, he clocked her 85, not good, since the speed limit in that neck of the woods is 70. He ticketed her which lead me to believe he hadn’t heard the customer rule either. Some people, the nerve. Anyone care to guess how much the ticket was for? Huh? Huh? If you said $201 you are correct! And for all the math geniuses out there that are not reading this, that puts her at $19 less than if she would have just paid the damn fee for correcting the airline ticket.

Irony, a bitch!

The bright side...quality time spent with a really great person. My daughter meeting my friend that I've known for an amount of time that is hard to wrap my head around. Sitting, laughing, drinking, belching...ahhh...good times!


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