Friday, June 5, 2009

The Time Has Come...and Doughnuts

I've been afraid, very, very afraid of putting this on paper. I was sure doing so would jinx us and bring an end to our newfound success. I'm going to go ahead and risk it, the breakthrough is definitely worth documenting.

For the past two weeks Hayden has put herself to sleep.

Let me explain...
There have been nights in the past 15 months, even a few nights in a row, where she would allow me to put her in her crib and walk out of her room without a whimper. Those nights were few and far between, much to our dismay. On the off nights (which was almost every night) I would hold her while sitting on the couch in her room until she fell asleep and then I would lay her in her crib. The things mamas do. I've written about this before. I stated then that I honestly didn't mind the bedtime routine, and I don't, didn't. I would do it all again, and I mean that. (I don't mean I'm ready to do it, just that I would go back with Hayden and do it again, no regrets, you know.)

When daylight savings time kicked in I cussed it. I did. Don't get me wrong, I love the extra daylight at the end of the working day. What I didn't like was the way it affected Hayden's bedtime routine. She went from going to bed at 7:30 to staying up until 9:00. I've since adjusted and prefer it the way it is now (of course I do, my child puts herself to sleep). The extra hour and a half actually feels like three hours. There is more time for the good stuff when I get home. No rushing. We eat, sit outside on the porch, take a bath, piddle around in the house and then the craziest thing happens. Hayden, who has been rolling around with her blanket for the past ten minutes, comes over to me and buries her little head into my legs. She rubs her face around and waits for her daddy to come scoop her up (only he can do this, I've tried, it doesn't work). He does and she leans towards me for a kiss and hug. It gets better...she waves to me and starts holding her hand out to her room, her crib. That's it for me, that's all I see.

"What does she do when you carry her in there?"
"She just reaches for her crib, I lay her down and she curls up with her blanket. I'm floored. I still can't believe it."

Neither can I. It took 15 months to get to where we are now. The only explanation I can come up with is that she is ready, developmentally, emotionally, I don't know. That and it is 9:00 for goodness sake, she has to be exhausted.

I'll take it, whatever the reason. The new bedtime routine is indeed a welcome thing. It can stay as long as it wants. Tonight maybe it will bring its friend, the one who's name is sleep through the night. I'm not asking for much.

As with most baby-related things (and life in general)'s just a matter of time.

To celebrate...

It's National Doughnut Day!
I'm going to go eat a doughnut...or four!

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