Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wash Out

Rain, rain...go away.
Visit us another day.

...preferably not this week or this weekend, as I would love to mow the knee-high grass taking over the yard that my daughter and I love to stroll around and can't because the puddles are so damn deep I'm afraid we will wash away, right along with my garden.

Remember these. Well, the green beans and cantaloupe made it into the ground two weekends ago. Not exactly sure how many plants of each I ended up with, I'm going to guess about 10 bean plants and 8 cantaloupe plants. I'll be lucky if 3 of each make it (see wash away above). I had every intention of planting the peas and corn last weekend but Mother Nature had other plans.

It has done nothing but rain since last Friday. Poor Hayden doesn't know what to do with herself if she can't go outside. Fortunately, she has found an activity that she thoroughly enjoys and can be done inside.

Unfortunately, she has found an activity that she thoroughly enjoys and can be done anywhere, including, but not limited to, the couch, random books, walls, tile, you name it, it can and probably will be marked with the seal of Hayden. The seal looks like this:

I am going to take the few crayons we have left and melt them down in an attempt to make my own crayon rocks, sort of like these:


I have the first three, no problem. It's the last one I'm lacking. Oh time, why do you have to be so elusive. I have so much love to show you if you would just slow down, stop flying by.

I read several blogs that are authored by women, mamas. Their blogs are beautiful and updated often. I ask myself where they find the time. Not necessarily the time to write about all they do but the time to actually do it. I loosen the slack and remind myself that I am holed up in an office 45 hours a week, my daughter is 14 months old, the list goes on. In my mind I see what lies ahead, when the day is mine and my daughter is a bit older. I can't wait for those days, not rushing them to me, but anxious nonetheless.

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