Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here's to a Great Weekend

This past weekend was a great weekend. On Saturday Hayden and I went to see my cousin's baby boy. He is 7 weeks old. And adorable.

We had not seen him yet (long story, not going into detail here) and jumped at the chance to do so. My sister also came to visit and brought Ingrid. She is 3 months old.

A year and a half ago there wasn't a single baby in the family, now there are four. If things go the way we all want them to the babies will grow up together and be close to one another like we all did and are. The four babies are all less then 15 months apart. Success! No planning involved. Life, in this aspect, couldn't have played out better.

Sunday, Mother's Day, started out sunny and warm. The sun disappeared about the time we headed out to Lake Winnepasaukah, which was what I had hoped would happen. Nothing like baking in the hot sun while wrangling a toddler and standing in a line. The awesome thing about the park is that not many people know what a treasure it is. It is small (not much walking involved), quaint, the lines are not long, move fast and a family of nine can get in for under $100.00. Seriously. I must say that my mom and dad didn't ride anything and were only charged a gate admission fee; and Isaiah, who is 8 months old, was admitted free due to his not being able to walk, talk, or participate in anything other than stroller-lounging. Five of us had unlimited ride bracelets and Hayden was given fourteen tickets to ride whatever her little heart desired. She was told to meet us back at the gate at 6:00 sharp, no objections.

Before I could even turn her little hand loose she had picked up the most colorful fellow at the park. Indeed! That there is D'ante (pronounced with a long D, not short). And no, Hayden didn't pluck him out of the rough, he came with us. He was part of our nine, one of the riders. Good thing he was there too because the guy manning the car ride informed me that I couldn't get on the car ride with Hayden, after I had already gotten on the car ride with Hayden, sitting down, in the seat, on the car ride, with Hayden. "Uh, ma'am, you can't ride with her. Sorry, not my rules, sorry." So, what was going to be a casual ride with mama turned into a joy ride with an older, dare I say more experienced dude. Thankfully, this dude happens to be her cousin and he is seven and she is one.

Hayden, as well as the rest of the pack, had a great time at Lake Winnie and will for sure, without a doubt, go back this summer.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope every mama had a weekend just as fulfilling as mine.

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