Monday, May 18, 2009

Briefing: 15 Months

Dear Hayden,
My, my. 15 months, here we are, as I knew we would be. I didn't know, however, that life with you at this age would be so much fun, so routine, yet so evolving. You have become quite the little sweetheart, toddling here, there, you go everywhere, and you do so with gusto!

It is with tedious patience that I sit and write you this briefing. You will soon learn that patience is hard for me to come by, it eludes me now and always has. If I ever find any it will be because of you. Of this, I am sure.

Recently, I began writing down in my journal all of the little things that I notice about you, about your character, who you are, right now, at this particular moment. I note your quirks, the things you laugh at, what makes you cry, your voluminous hair, the list goes on and on. Your personality is really shining through. I catch vivid glimpses of the little girl you are sure to become. I see the little girl that I am sure my parents saw all those years ago.

Hayden, you are a "dream" (to quote your daddy). He would know, he keeps you at home with him Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sandy has you Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She started dialysis in April of this year and refused to give you up completely, I can't blame her. You spread some much needed and appreciated light into an otherwise dark situation.

Back to you and your daddy, what a sweet relationship the two of you have. He is an awesome father, you got lucky, just like I did with my dad. You definitely are your daddy's little girl. You have him wound so tightly around your finger. He will forever stay that way. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that he has you right where he wants you too, you adore him and you show it. At night when we are watching tv you sit between his legs on the floor and watch tv too. In bed you curl into the curve of his body and sleep like the baby you are. In the morning, if he wakes up first, he lightly tickles your face to ease you into the day. Easy, that is your relationship with your daddy. Easy, simple, sweet and true.

Each and every morning you wake up with the wildest hair, you my dear have serious bed head. Your hair has a mind of it's own, especially now that it is longer but has yet to thicken up. Your daddy and I are constantly amused by your hair and it's whimsical behavior. I am also hoping that it gets darker as you get older.

Time has changed you and I couldn't ask for a happier child. Not that you weren't happy before now, but now you are pretty much pain free. By that I mean you don't have all 20 teeth trying to erupt at once. To the best of my knowledge (you still adamantly refuse to let me see your teeth) you are finished teething. All of your teeth are through the gum but not quite in place completely. From the looks of it you were blessed with big teeth, just like your daddy and I, lucky you!

Another milestone bites the dust, not 8 months ago you didn't have a tooth in your mouth. I am thrilled that you have a mouth full of teeth now, they were hard earned. I know because I was right there by your side the whole time. You have exceeded my expectations in the first 15 months of your beautiful life. I honestly had no idea you would be walking, running, spinning, (your new thing, you spin and spin until you fall down, then you get up, inch closer to the nearest sharp corner and do it again, try and stop you, one will pay) climbing (anything, everything, scaring me terribly) and understanding so much. I am sure there are things you don't get but for the most part you know what is being said to you. Whether you listen or not is a different story entirely. You have started showing interest in repeating words that you like. Occasionally, you will say something besides daddy and mama that you aren't repeating, words you know by heart and are clear to everyone. Words like dog (do, long o) and duckie (du-a, short u, short a) and outside (o, long o, i, long i) and Ickus (icku, you leave the s off).

The other day I was sitting on the couch and you brought your shoes over to me. You said o-i, o-i. It took me a second but I knew you were saying outside. I make you put your shoes on before you go outside, so this made perfect sense. I have also heard you say Hayden, chicken, picture, and what sounds like right here, there it is and here I am but I wouldn't bet my life that you will say them again anytime soon. You are very stubborn when it comes to talking. I realize this won't always be the case so I am not complaining. There will inevitably come a day when I beg you to be quite...and to stop jumping on the couch.

A month ago you started making this popping sound/motion with your mouth. Just like that you stopped. Now, when I look at you and make the sound you look back at me like I am a lunatic. Go figure! I guess this pretty much sums up how life with you will be. One day you are my baby, the next my little girl, before I know it you will be my teenager and I will have lost all my hair, just like that.

Seriously, Hayden, I love you. I love you like I have never loved anyone. I love you as much as you love your daddy, as much as you love me, as much as you love your blanket, all wrapped up and combined. I love you, Hayden. Come on. Let me hear you say it, I love my mama. And you do, you make it so obvious, and for that I love you a little bit more, nah! That's not possible, is it?


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