Wednesday, May 27, 2009

15 Month Stats

Height: 32 inches (between 75 and 90 percentile)

Weight: 21.2 lbs (between 10 and 25 percentile) (I must add that she was weighed while carrying a loaded weapon.)

So, yeah, she's fairly tall and yeah, she's fairly thin. Whaddaya know, she's built just like her daddy and mama. Shocker!

Hayden was a very good girl while at the doctor's office on Friday, until she shit her drawers and had to have her diaper changed. If it were up to her she would run around carrying a load all day. Seriously. She acts as if she has no clue she just creating a stink bomb in her pants. Like she isn't toting another 1/2 pound or so around with her for all the world to smell.

I'm not quite sure what set her off once we were in the exam room but all hell broke loose. She wanted on the table, no wait, she wanted off the table. Then she wanted to tear the pages from the magazines, bang on the keyboard, drag the stool across the floor in order to make an unholy, completely mind-numbing noise that only she could appreciate (it's 9:30 for God's sake), all while wearing her look-at-me-I-dare-you-to-stop-me-I'm-misbehaving face. She wears this face a whole hell of a lot. No clue where she got it from.

Two vaccines later and we were free to go. Of course, we go back in three months. By then though I will have rummaged through my common sense files stored in the farthest corners of my brain and produced a novel idea. An idea so clever I will without a doubt be wearing my damn-I'm-good-you-can-thank-me-later-mama-is-the-smartest-how-you-like-me-now face. It looks shockingly similar to the face I wear when I roll up to work each and every day during the summer.

I'll illustrate the face once busy season starts, it won't be long, it's right around the corner.

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