Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring: Day 30

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So, in my fuss to get my work computer working at top notch the IT guy and I removed some of the programs from my computer, Kodak EasyShare being one of them. I then installed Picasa (note: Picasa symbol on bottom of image)thinking I could just upload my photos from my Kodak C633 to it, and, well, it's a big no go. Picasa doesn't see my camera. Luckily, the Kodak files we removed were still in my recycle bin. I restored them and viola, I can now upload photos again. I still prefer to work with them in Picasa however so my plan is to get the IT guy to work his magic and set my computer up so that I can upload to Picasa without Kodak being installed.

Either way, isn't this gladiola just peachy? Kodak doesn't have the capabilities that Picasa does (see: black and white with specific color detail).

One more photo day and I am back to regularly scheduled programming. Thank the Lord!

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