Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring: Day 15

What I will be doing this weekend... hopes of getting my mind off the shitty day I seemingly tip-toed through. I skirted the edge of tears a few times, so things definitely could have been worse. Probably would have if I had been home and away from anyone who would have laughed their ass off at the sight of my tear-streaked face due to my excessive crying over fucking health insurance. I'm pissed! Livid! I'll explain in detail later, or maybe I won't. Either way, insurance can suck a fat one, and a hairy, sweaty one at that. Can you tell I'm slightly irritated?!

Just as I was about to crumble I decided I'd post a blog photo, clear my head. My camera and my computer decided to act as if they didn't recognize one another. After 15 fucking minutes I finally get the 6, yes 6, pictures to upload only to find out that blogger doesn't see the photo I want to post with this entry. Hence, the overexposed flashy thing you see above. I give up! I'm going home. Sorry about the f bombs. If I were talking to Carrie about my day there would have been more, consider yourself lucky.

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