Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shut Up Already

My older sister and I both come from the same bull, a bull that mated with two different (very different) heifers. I, in my opinion for a fact, got the better end of the rope in that rodeo. To make a very long and quite confusing story short, she called and told me that her heifer decided to saddle up and make her an offer she couldn't refuse, lest I drop kick her into oblivion and keep her little pudge of a baby all to myself (who am I kidding, one little 14 month old girl is enough for me). So, she they will be moving back to GA. This weekend! I think! Hope! She They will be about 45 minutes from me, very doable.

Her daughter, Ing, is 2 months old (hence the reason I am still referring to them as a single intity, I am not used to my sister having a living, breathing human attached to her) and has a family here that wants her here, along with her mama. Ing's daddy is my husband's brother. We are hoping he follows E and Ing and that we all live happily ever after. In Georgia. End of story, for now.

I have started two posts in the past two days. They are both sitting in drafts at the moment. I am not good at posting bullshit entries. There are things I want to say but they are irrelevant really. Some of the blogs I read are built on irrelevancy and I love them. Others are not and I love them (click sweet|salty in links).

I wouldn't say that nothing happens worth writing about, that would be a lie. I have a 14 month old that is ever-changing. Nothing stays the same with her in my life. Plenty of content there, I know.

Perhaps if I chain a notebook and pencil to my belt loop and jot down my thoughts I would have more to say once I sat down to write. Perhaps not. I actually start posts and think they are not worth talking about and delete them:

How to Find and Patch Holes in a Vinyl Pool Liner

This may have been a good one, I'll never know. Who really gives a shit how to find a hole and patch it? Really? However, while it was going on I said to myself, now this, this would be a good idea for a post. Then I slept, sobered up and thought nah, not gonna do a post about plugging holes.

I started a post on Hayden's teeth, again. I didn't finish it, here is an excerpt:

Beyond the frustration that is not being able to completely communicate...teeth! Damn the teeth! Say it with me, with conviction, DAMN THE TEETH! If she would finish teething already she may decide to concentrate specifically on learning to speak and actually speaking. I've written here before about Hayden's unwillingness to show her teeth. Saying show mama your teeth while baring my own teeth doesn't work, she's too smart. Nothing short of shoving a wooden stick (tongue compressor)(what do you call words like wooden and stick used together side by side, not oxymoron but...is there even a word?) up and down in there so that she can't close her mouth is going to allow me to see her teeth. She is so against me seeing her teeth it ain't even funny. I dare you to try and get a finger in there to feel your way around. She will latch on and she will not let go. Bribery does not work with a 14 month old, take my word for it. As best I can tell she is missing about 4 or 5 teeth. Her incisors, cuspids and maybe two or three of her first molars are in. For this I am thankful. Her teeth are my excuse for her not saying much. Other things on the brain, you know.

...end excerpt.

I have since investigated and am positive that she is only lacking her first molars all around.

The excerpt above came from a three paragraph entry on Hayden and her teeth. Can't I say anything without being long winded? Thanks to the bull (see above first paragraph) probably not.

So, while I am not saying anything important here I will try to pretty up my tumblr. I was introduced to tumblr through Kelly's blog (my happy little life) and think it is very cool. I could sit all day and post photos. Actually, that is what I am going to do right now. I have an hour left in the hole, I will use it wisely.

In the meantime, I love this song. So much. Reminds me of my own life. Simple. I had planned to add this song to yet another entry I started and didn't finish:

Things I Want to Accomplish at Home This Spring/Summer
1. Clean the side porch, which involves hauling off the dryer that has been perched
there for oh, six months...am redneck.
2. Sow grass seed where driveway is now (in preparation for Hayden's play set).
3. Remove sheets of faux rock from along perimeter of porch.
4. Clean out, till up and and put new plants in the island on the left of the
5. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
6. Finish the moldings on the steps...again!
7. Get the upstairs bathroom in working order.
8. Completely remodel the upstairs bedroom, or at least make it livable.
9. Rip out the vanity/sink in the downstairs bathroom and install a new
10. Tear down and rebuild the porch, all of it!
11. Clean fencing material that is being stored along the fence line.
12. Split the desk in half and use one half for the computer stuff, the other for
the dining room table.
13. Run chicken wire around the perimeter of my new garden (to keep chickens and
little girls out).
14. Go through Hayden's clothes, as well as my own, and take what we don't need to

Ok, for real, I'm done.

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