Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poopy in the Potty Bathtub

For the greater part of Hayden's life she has been borderline constipated. As an infant she was indeed constipated. A few times she cried because it hurt so bad to take a dump, this was back during the first two months of her life. It was very difficult to watch her go through such pain. To be so little going through so much pain. As she got older she became a daily pooper; it (the poop) was still on the hard side, like little rabbit or goat pellets most of the time. Then, out of nowhere (and with the help of Karo) she would clean her system out in an ungodly way. It was like there was a small back up and once that was out of the way the floodgates opened. Anyway, her bowel movements have always been a source of conversation for Sandy and I (and her daddy, and nanny and even her papaw). Every day for 8 months I called Sandy after work to inquire whether or not Hayden had properly pooped that day. Was it hard? Question of the day.

Now, 13 months into this gig I am not overly concerned with her bodily functions in relation to the time, place, consistency and texture of her daily #2. It is what it is. She is better able to cope now if things don't come out as easily as they went in. She doesn't cry if the little bbs falling from her ass are hard as pebbles, she actually finds it interesting and amusing, the little stinker.

Take for example, last night and the night before (repeat offender). I put her in the bathtub, where she has decided it isn't cool to sit, that she'd rather stand the entire time. I washed her hair, bathed her and went about cleaning the bathroom while she played (standing up). She made the telltale grunt and I saw through the mirror that she was squatting down, careful to not make eye contact. I was pretending I couldn't see her anyway. I was trying to make sure that yes, the child is doing it again, she is repeating what she did the night before. I turned around and went over to her, she grunted again. Without warning a little brown turd floated to the top off the water. Then another. Hard as little rocks. She grunted and pushed another one out. Six total, I'm talking the size of a Lima bean, dude. There may have been one that weighed in at what a jalapeno would have weighed in at. Next thing I know she is swatting the water trying to fist the damn the things. I snatched her up, turned the water back on and stuck her under the faucet. End of story.

I didn't make a big deal out of her dropping logs in the bathtub, should I have? I absolutely believe she knew what she was doing. She tried to catch the droppings for goodness sake. Had this been a single occurrence I probably wouldn't still be thinking about it. But, it has happened twice now, two days in a row. I wonder if the temperature of the water is loosening up her insides and making her feel like this is a now or never situation. Poop now or forever hold your...

We shall see how bath time plays out tonight. If she starts to hunker down and grunt I think I might pull her out gently and put her on her potty. We do have a potty for her sitting on the bathroom floor right next to the "big people's potty". It's been there for a few months. She is oblivious to it other than when she takes the little seat off and carries it around with her only to eventually drop it in the hall somewhere for me to pick up. I have explained that the little pink potty is Hayden's potty. She points at it, grunts and turns up her nose. She is telling me that she has no intention of pooping on that thing, pink or not! Which is fine with me, I am not pushing her to use it, I just wish she would squat over it instead of Elmo. Word is he doesn't mind the soap scum in the tub but he draws the line on excretions made by little girls!

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