Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Name

I am trying like hell to think of an inventive, funny and charming new blog name. I don't want my blog to be called my life ~ true story any longer. It isn't doing it for me. Which is probably why I haven't taken the time to insert it into any of the mastheads I've created, all two of them.

I like the following words but can't find a way to link them, or not link them, that suits my fancy:
On the Brink (last name Brinkley)
Hen-pecker (my favorite so far)
Who? Me?

I am leaning towards something with an H in it simply because I am surrounded by the letter H, why change that? Hen-pecker doesn't describe me (exactly), or at least I wouldn't say it did, but others might disagree. And I dare them to do so. But, I do like the word, today I do anyway.

I want something that will stick, I don't want to change it after this. I am also trying to figure out how to change it and still keep my entries. And... Do I keep the url the same and just title the blog page differently? Do I change the url and the title? I have 1 reader that I know of, my mom gave up, so changing the url and the title isn't going to throw my "followers" off.

On a different note, I don't think my husband knows I write here. I've never told him. I have written every entry from work. I don't have time to post from home. I could make time but that would mean I would have to cut out what gets me through the day (the 9 hour day spent holed up in an office with no window), knowing I have 2 hours of shit-filled reality tv to devour from 8-10 each week night. Fugetaboutit! I don't have anything that pressing to write about anyway.

I do visit my dashboard while at home in order to read the blogs I "follow" but that is the extent of it. While I am not necessarily trying to keep this blog a secret I am not advertising it. No need. I write here for the same reason most people write here or in a journal. I have a recording now of my life and what takes place in it, for my daughter, for my mom, dad, husband, for me. I set out to chronicle my life with Hayden in it. I didn't want everything to be about Hayden, but to be about me and Hayden, our lives together, the things we do, the way we love each other. I don't write as often as I should about my baby, that will change. I said recently that I didn't want to fill this space with fluff, I want there to be content here.

I thought about cancelling my Twitter, and probably will. The only reason I signed up was to "follow" other folks. I am blocked from Twitter at work so I can't even see my own tweet or anyone elses for that matter. I heard on the radio this morning that 60% of people who sign up for Twitter stop twittering after 60 days. They don't just stop writing "tweets" they stop visiting the site altogether. I fall into that category pretty much and don't see the point in keeping an account open that I don't use. So, bye-bye Twitter, I will not miss you.

I am ready to leave work and go home. I don't think I am tutoring tonight, which means I have the entire evening to work in the garden and be with my daughter and my husband. For that I am thankful.

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