Monday, April 6, 2009

Just What I Needed

Weekends are treasures. Especially now. Now that Hayden is walking and is an extreme amount of fun. Especially now. Now that the weather is starting to cooperate. Weekends are once again productive, or so they seem.

Saturday we went to the flea market. Bought nothing. Dodged mud holes and non-driving fools. Came home to find a little boy waiting to play with Hayden. Good times.

Sunday I tackled the pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. Well, half-ass tackled them. I loaded them into the clothes basket and took them back downstairs hoping HGB would fold them again, yes again. As of yesterday they are folded and back on the floor upstairs in the bedroom. Funny how that works.

I also was able to plant seeds on Sunday, see.

Pretty soon we will have cantaloupe, green beans, peas, tomatoes and green peppers to transplant in the garden. If I can just remember to water the damn things.

I had hoped to find a deal on Dirty Dave's hanging plants, but didn't, I don't think. Last year I bought 2 plants from him for $5 each. Sunday he wanted $10; however, there is a sign in front of his place that reads 1/2 off everything. I asked how much the hanging pots were and was told $10. They are probably worth $10 but I am cheap.

When I relayed this to HGB he said they were actually $5 because everything is half off. This never occured to me. I took the sign to mean everything in the store and thought the cashier would have told me if they were indeed half of $10. So, maybe I did find a deal and didn't know it. I will go back by there this weekend. Hopefully, today's cold doesn't kill them.

Speaking of, today's high is 46 or some shit like that. The rest of the week should shape up nicely but uh, 46? I am glad that I didn't plant anything in the ground over the weekend. My mom and dad did, we'll see what comes of what they planted. Last year a similar situation happened, the cold came back and bit us in the ass sometime in April. Farmers lost a bunch of fruits and vegetables, sadly. Spring is here but winter still has a loose grip.

I put Hayden in the stroller Saturday and walked out back. I took my camera as well. Wouldn't you know it, I took 2 photos and the thing coped attitude and went dead. I can't say much for batteries and digital cameras, sadly. But, I went back out here Sunday, this time alone, and took some cool pictures, if I do say so myself. I will save one for my Spring Photo a Day post but here are some others:

Pretty productive, wouldn't you say?

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