Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Name

I am trying like hell to think of an inventive, funny and charming new blog name. I don't want my blog to be called my life ~ true story any longer. It isn't doing it for me. Which is probably why I haven't taken the time to insert it into any of the mastheads I've created, all two of them.

I like the following words but can't find a way to link them, or not link them, that suits my fancy:
On the Brink (last name Brinkley)
Hen-pecker (my favorite so far)
Who? Me?

I am leaning towards something with an H in it simply because I am surrounded by the letter H, why change that? Hen-pecker doesn't describe me (exactly), or at least I wouldn't say it did, but others might disagree. And I dare them to do so. But, I do like the word, today I do anyway.

I want something that will stick, I don't want to change it after this. I am also trying to figure out how to change it and still keep my entries. And... Do I keep the url the same and just title the blog page differently? Do I change the url and the title? I have 1 reader that I know of, my mom gave up, so changing the url and the title isn't going to throw my "followers" off.

On a different note, I don't think my husband knows I write here. I've never told him. I have written every entry from work. I don't have time to post from home. I could make time but that would mean I would have to cut out what gets me through the day (the 9 hour day spent holed up in an office with no window), knowing I have 2 hours of shit-filled reality tv to devour from 8-10 each week night. Fugetaboutit! I don't have anything that pressing to write about anyway.

I do visit my dashboard while at home in order to read the blogs I "follow" but that is the extent of it. While I am not necessarily trying to keep this blog a secret I am not advertising it. No need. I write here for the same reason most people write here or in a journal. I have a recording now of my life and what takes place in it, for my daughter, for my mom, dad, husband, for me. I set out to chronicle my life with Hayden in it. I didn't want everything to be about Hayden, but to be about me and Hayden, our lives together, the things we do, the way we love each other. I don't write as often as I should about my baby, that will change. I said recently that I didn't want to fill this space with fluff, I want there to be content here.

I thought about cancelling my Twitter, and probably will. The only reason I signed up was to "follow" other folks. I am blocked from Twitter at work so I can't even see my own tweet or anyone elses for that matter. I heard on the radio this morning that 60% of people who sign up for Twitter stop twittering after 60 days. They don't just stop writing "tweets" they stop visiting the site altogether. I fall into that category pretty much and don't see the point in keeping an account open that I don't use. So, bye-bye Twitter, I will not miss you.

I am ready to leave work and go home. I don't think I am tutoring tonight, which means I have the entire evening to work in the garden and be with my daughter and my husband. For that I am thankful.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shut Up Already

My older sister and I both come from the same bull, a bull that mated with two different (very different) heifers. I, in my opinion for a fact, got the better end of the rope in that rodeo. To make a very long and quite confusing story short, she called and told me that her heifer decided to saddle up and make her an offer she couldn't refuse, lest I drop kick her into oblivion and keep her little pudge of a baby all to myself (who am I kidding, one little 14 month old girl is enough for me). So, she they will be moving back to GA. This weekend! I think! Hope! She They will be about 45 minutes from me, very doable.

Her daughter, Ing, is 2 months old (hence the reason I am still referring to them as a single intity, I am not used to my sister having a living, breathing human attached to her) and has a family here that wants her here, along with her mama. Ing's daddy is my husband's brother. We are hoping he follows E and Ing and that we all live happily ever after. In Georgia. End of story, for now.

I have started two posts in the past two days. They are both sitting in drafts at the moment. I am not good at posting bullshit entries. There are things I want to say but they are irrelevant really. Some of the blogs I read are built on irrelevancy and I love them. Others are not and I love them (click sweet|salty in links).

I wouldn't say that nothing happens worth writing about, that would be a lie. I have a 14 month old that is ever-changing. Nothing stays the same with her in my life. Plenty of content there, I know.

Perhaps if I chain a notebook and pencil to my belt loop and jot down my thoughts I would have more to say once I sat down to write. Perhaps not. I actually start posts and think they are not worth talking about and delete them:

How to Find and Patch Holes in a Vinyl Pool Liner

This may have been a good one, I'll never know. Who really gives a shit how to find a hole and patch it? Really? However, while it was going on I said to myself, now this, this would be a good idea for a post. Then I slept, sobered up and thought nah, not gonna do a post about plugging holes.

I started a post on Hayden's teeth, again. I didn't finish it, here is an excerpt:

Beyond the frustration that is not being able to completely communicate...teeth! Damn the teeth! Say it with me, with conviction, DAMN THE TEETH! If she would finish teething already she may decide to concentrate specifically on learning to speak and actually speaking. I've written here before about Hayden's unwillingness to show her teeth. Saying show mama your teeth while baring my own teeth doesn't work, she's too smart. Nothing short of shoving a wooden stick (tongue compressor)(what do you call words like wooden and stick used together side by side, not oxymoron there even a word?) up and down in there so that she can't close her mouth is going to allow me to see her teeth. She is so against me seeing her teeth it ain't even funny. I dare you to try and get a finger in there to feel your way around. She will latch on and she will not let go. Bribery does not work with a 14 month old, take my word for it. As best I can tell she is missing about 4 or 5 teeth. Her incisors, cuspids and maybe two or three of her first molars are in. For this I am thankful. Her teeth are my excuse for her not saying much. Other things on the brain, you know.

...end excerpt.

I have since investigated and am positive that she is only lacking her first molars all around.

The excerpt above came from a three paragraph entry on Hayden and her teeth. Can't I say anything without being long winded? Thanks to the bull (see above first paragraph) probably not.

So, while I am not saying anything important here I will try to pretty up my tumblr. I was introduced to tumblr through Kelly's blog (my happy little life) and think it is very cool. I could sit all day and post photos. Actually, that is what I am going to do right now. I have an hour left in the hole, I will use it wisely.

In the meantime, I love this song. So much. Reminds me of my own life. Simple. I had planned to add this song to yet another entry I started and didn't finish:

Things I Want to Accomplish at Home This Spring/Summer
1. Clean the side porch, which involves hauling off the dryer that has been perched
there for oh, six redneck.
2. Sow grass seed where driveway is now (in preparation for Hayden's play set).
3. Remove sheets of faux rock from along perimeter of porch.
4. Clean out, till up and and put new plants in the island on the left of the
5. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
6. Finish the moldings on the steps...again!
7. Get the upstairs bathroom in working order.
8. Completely remodel the upstairs bedroom, or at least make it livable.
9. Rip out the vanity/sink in the downstairs bathroom and install a new
10. Tear down and rebuild the porch, all of it!
11. Clean fencing material that is being stored along the fence line.
12. Split the desk in half and use one half for the computer stuff, the other for
the dining room table.
13. Run chicken wire around the perimeter of my new garden (to keep chickens and
little girls out).
14. Go through Hayden's clothes, as well as my own, and take what we don't need to

Ok, for real, I'm done.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring: Day 31


Yesterday I was torn over what to post for my final Spring Photo entry. I went home and took a few photos, with Hayden in tow. It was quite windy yesterday evening and my prediction came true. Not one of the pictures came out not blurry. So, instead of giving this space nothing on the final day of my quest to post a picture for every day of the first month of spring I give it the image above (click on it for a better view). I enjoyed doing this. I actually learned quite a bit about my camera and the editing programs that are available to me. I learned that Photoshop is a bitch and I don't know as much as I thought I did.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring: Day 30

Posted by Picasa

So, in my fuss to get my work computer working at top notch the IT guy and I removed some of the programs from my computer, Kodak EasyShare being one of them. I then installed Picasa (note: Picasa symbol on bottom of image)thinking I could just upload my photos from my Kodak C633 to it, and, well, it's a big no go. Picasa doesn't see my camera. Luckily, the Kodak files we removed were still in my recycle bin. I restored them and viola, I can now upload photos again. I still prefer to work with them in Picasa however so my plan is to get the IT guy to work his magic and set my computer up so that I can upload to Picasa without Kodak being installed.

Either way, isn't this gladiola just peachy? Kodak doesn't have the capabilities that Picasa does (see: black and white with specific color detail).

One more photo day and I am back to regularly scheduled programming. Thank the Lord!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring: Day 29

Waiting Patiently

I bought these Azaleas about 3 weeks ago, they have yet to see their permanent home. They appear, however, to be doing remarkable well.

Spring: Day 28

The vegetables are coming up great. So great Hayden has taken notice. She obviously has a problem with this as she has taken to uprooting them when she thinks I am not looking.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring: Day 27


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring: Day 26

Gosh, I am tired. Not so sure why. However, I feel like I could sleep the day away if it were possible, and it isn't, I am at work and must stay here due to being a provider and all.

I woke up with a headache, again. Which really pisses me off to be honest. I don't normally get headaches but I know for sure I have woke up with a headache more than a few times in the past couple of months. I took some ibuprofen when I got to work and the headache has since subsided. Thank the good Lord. I despise having headaches and not being able to lay my head down and close my eyes.

In lieu of trying to take a new photo this evening and posting it (which I can tell you for sure would never happen, I'm lazy once I get home) here is one from Easter that will melt your heart, unless you don't find little girls in dresses, bonnets and bloomers the sweetest thing going.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring: Day 24 & Day 25

Whoa! Been awhile, huh? Just a day. Late as usual. I have a great excuse though. Yesterday I removed the drives from my motherboard. Yep, you heard that right. Thanks to our IT guy I am back up and running. Whew!

Here is my feeble attempt at dyeing four grade A eggs, fascinating, wouldn't you say?

Here are the seeds I planted just over a week ago. The green beans are winning the race, the race to see which seed can grow the tallest the fastest. These babies will be ready to transplant in no time. Cool beans, pun intended!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring: Day 23

A Day Late...

However, this is a goody. I got home from work Friday just minutes before the floodgates opened. Along with the rain came hail, the golf ball sized shit you hear about and hope never happens wherever you're at. In all my born days I have never seen hail the size it was on Friday.

I realize this picture is of ass quality but it does show a small section of the yard littered with hail. I attempted to get a close up of one piece but failed miserably, too blurry.

Hailstorm in April, who knew?

I told you I was saving the best for last. Thankfully, I didn't have to eat my words.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring: Day 22

Before the Rain Came

Few things scream spring like chalk on a sidewalk.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring: Day 21

The trees in our yard are about to make me happy. They have been bare for 4 months now. Bring on the green, and the shade, Lord knows we will need it soon enough.

PS ~ 10 days left for Spring photos. I'm saving the best for last.

Poopy in the Potty Bathtub

For the greater part of Hayden's life she has been borderline constipated. As an infant she was indeed constipated. A few times she cried because it hurt so bad to take a dump, this was back during the first two months of her life. It was very difficult to watch her go through such pain. To be so little going through so much pain. As she got older she became a daily pooper; it (the poop) was still on the hard side, like little rabbit or goat pellets most of the time. Then, out of nowhere (and with the help of Karo) she would clean her system out in an ungodly way. It was like there was a small back up and once that was out of the way the floodgates opened. Anyway, her bowel movements have always been a source of conversation for Sandy and I (and her daddy, and nanny and even her papaw). Every day for 8 months I called Sandy after work to inquire whether or not Hayden had properly pooped that day. Was it hard? Question of the day.

Now, 13 months into this gig I am not overly concerned with her bodily functions in relation to the time, place, consistency and texture of her daily #2. It is what it is. She is better able to cope now if things don't come out as easily as they went in. She doesn't cry if the little bbs falling from her ass are hard as pebbles, she actually finds it interesting and amusing, the little stinker.

Take for example, last night and the night before (repeat offender). I put her in the bathtub, where she has decided it isn't cool to sit, that she'd rather stand the entire time. I washed her hair, bathed her and went about cleaning the bathroom while she played (standing up). She made the telltale grunt and I saw through the mirror that she was squatting down, careful to not make eye contact. I was pretending I couldn't see her anyway. I was trying to make sure that yes, the child is doing it again, she is repeating what she did the night before. I turned around and went over to her, she grunted again. Without warning a little brown turd floated to the top off the water. Then another. Hard as little rocks. She grunted and pushed another one out. Six total, I'm talking the size of a Lima bean, dude. There may have been one that weighed in at what a jalapeno would have weighed in at. Next thing I know she is swatting the water trying to fist the damn the things. I snatched her up, turned the water back on and stuck her under the faucet. End of story.

I didn't make a big deal out of her dropping logs in the bathtub, should I have? I absolutely believe she knew what she was doing. She tried to catch the droppings for goodness sake. Had this been a single occurrence I probably wouldn't still be thinking about it. But, it has happened twice now, two days in a row. I wonder if the temperature of the water is loosening up her insides and making her feel like this is a now or never situation. Poop now or forever hold your...

We shall see how bath time plays out tonight. If she starts to hunker down and grunt I think I might pull her out gently and put her on her potty. We do have a potty for her sitting on the bathroom floor right next to the "big people's potty". It's been there for a few months. She is oblivious to it other than when she takes the little seat off and carries it around with her only to eventually drop it in the hall somewhere for me to pick up. I have explained that the little pink potty is Hayden's potty. She points at it, grunts and turns up her nose. She is telling me that she has no intention of pooping on that thing, pink or not! Which is fine with me, I am not pushing her to use it, I just wish she would squat over it instead of Elmo. Word is he doesn't mind the soap scum in the tub but he draws the line on excretions made by little girls!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring: Day 20

I am really trying to work with the features built into my camera. Here I used the close-up setting. I think it worked (click on the photo for a much better view). The grass in the background is blurry, which is intentional. The flowers in the foreground are crisp and clear, also intentional. Here is a photo that I took using the landscape setting. Check out how far you can see down the track. A fairly good distance and it's pretty darn clear if I do say so myself, especially the tree trunks along the right side of the track. I call this progress and for now I will keep on keepin' on.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring: Day 19

An Thill

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just What I Needed

Weekends are treasures. Especially now. Now that Hayden is walking and is an extreme amount of fun. Especially now. Now that the weather is starting to cooperate. Weekends are once again productive, or so they seem.

Saturday we went to the flea market. Bought nothing. Dodged mud holes and non-driving fools. Came home to find a little boy waiting to play with Hayden. Good times.

Sunday I tackled the pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. Well, half-ass tackled them. I loaded them into the clothes basket and took them back downstairs hoping HGB would fold them again, yes again. As of yesterday they are folded and back on the floor upstairs in the bedroom. Funny how that works.

I also was able to plant seeds on Sunday, see.

Pretty soon we will have cantaloupe, green beans, peas, tomatoes and green peppers to transplant in the garden. If I can just remember to water the damn things.

I had hoped to find a deal on Dirty Dave's hanging plants, but didn't, I don't think. Last year I bought 2 plants from him for $5 each. Sunday he wanted $10; however, there is a sign in front of his place that reads 1/2 off everything. I asked how much the hanging pots were and was told $10. They are probably worth $10 but I am cheap.

When I relayed this to HGB he said they were actually $5 because everything is half off. This never occured to me. I took the sign to mean everything in the store and thought the cashier would have told me if they were indeed half of $10. So, maybe I did find a deal and didn't know it. I will go back by there this weekend. Hopefully, today's cold doesn't kill them.

Speaking of, today's high is 46 or some shit like that. The rest of the week should shape up nicely but uh, 46? I am glad that I didn't plant anything in the ground over the weekend. My mom and dad did, we'll see what comes of what they planted. Last year a similar situation happened, the cold came back and bit us in the ass sometime in April. Farmers lost a bunch of fruits and vegetables, sadly. Spring is here but winter still has a loose grip.

I put Hayden in the stroller Saturday and walked out back. I took my camera as well. Wouldn't you know it, I took 2 photos and the thing coped attitude and went dead. I can't say much for batteries and digital cameras, sadly. But, I went back out here Sunday, this time alone, and took some cool pictures, if I do say so myself. I will save one for my Spring Photo a Day post but here are some others:

Pretty productive, wouldn't you say?

Spring: Day 18

Saturday was just gorgeous, they do know their ass from their elbow. Here is what I came up after some serious consideration:

Much to my surprise my camera cooperated with me and I got some really great photos. Keep in mind that I am using a Kodak C633 that has been to hell and back. Several times.

This photo was taken in the field behind our house. This tree, along with many others, sits right beside the railroad track and will soon be covered in leaves like these that will block our view of the trains that travel our route.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring: Day 17

For today...

Spring: Day 16

For yesterday...

I'll explain later.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring: Day 15

What I will be doing this weekend... hopes of getting my mind off the shitty day I seemingly tip-toed through. I skirted the edge of tears a few times, so things definitely could have been worse. Probably would have if I had been home and away from anyone who would have laughed their ass off at the sight of my tear-streaked face due to my excessive crying over fucking health insurance. I'm pissed! Livid! I'll explain in detail later, or maybe I won't. Either way, insurance can suck a fat one, and a hairy, sweaty one at that. Can you tell I'm slightly irritated?!

Just as I was about to crumble I decided I'd post a blog photo, clear my head. My camera and my computer decided to act as if they didn't recognize one another. After 15 fucking minutes I finally get the 6, yes 6, pictures to upload only to find out that blogger doesn't see the photo I want to post with this entry. Hence, the overexposed flashy thing you see above. I give up! I'm going home. Sorry about the f bombs. If I were talking to Carrie about my day there would have been more, consider yourself lucky.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring: Day 14

I had no intentions of planting anything when I got home from work yesterday, but that is what I did. Well, rather, we did. Hayden taste testing the dirt and flowers and by gathering up the little plastic containers the plants came in, only to distribute them in various places around the yard. What a little helper!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Explaining & Updating

We are almost halfway through the first month of Spring. I honestly am surprised that I have been as diligent about posting photos as I have been. Saturday is supposed to be sunny and warm, if wunderground and the folks who call themselves meteorologists hit their mark. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get a few great photos.

We have 4.8 acres total. The rental is on an acre and is surrounded on two sides by a privacy fence. Our house, the kennel, and the runs for the dogs take up another two acres, roughly. The rest is unused and is located at the back of the property. It runs parallel to a railroad track. I would call it a pasture but we have no livestock, none that stay permanently. We have spotted deer and turkeys out there before. But, until we have actual animals grazing I'll call it a field. In my opinion, this area is ripe with opportunity for finding great subjects for photos. The problem is getting out there, which consists of wading through the dog run and the puddles that try to dry up but fail due to the never-ending rain. Nevertheless, this weekend I am doing it, I am going all the way. Rain or shine, hopefully shine.

I forgot to post the pictures of the onesie and the baby bag I made for my aunts. (See: Commissioned) So, here they are. I must mention that the onsie was not completely finished when I took these pictures so you don't get to see the number 1 I cut out and sewed right on top of the star. Sorry. Devastating, I know.





I am not thrilled with the photos of the baby bag but they do show the details I added. Myra was tickled with her bag and Tricia was happy to give the onesie to her friend at work, goal accomplished!

Spring: Day 13

This is the same Bradford Pear tree I posted a photo of last week. There are still quite a few white blooms on it. However, it is well on its way to becoming plump with green leaves. I really love these trees. I think it has something to do with them being the first to bloom in late Winter/early Spring, right about the time I desperately need some color in my life.