Monday, March 2, 2009

This, That & Insurance Woes

I was thinking about how I want this blog to read. I am pretty sure that I want this to be a journal, almost like a diary, but not secret. Some blogs are authored by people that speak to their reader. I don't have any readers so I shouldn't be speaking to anyone. So, for now, I will make a conscience effort to write in such a way that doesn't make me appear crazy, like I am talking to imaginary people. Asking questions that get imaginary responses.

Hayden's 1 year well check was Friday. All went well. These are the figures:
Length: 30 inches
Weight: 19.8 pounds
Head: 17.125 inches or 43.5 centimeters

She is measuring a little tall, slightly light, and somewhat small but proportional. In other words she has inherited her daddy's height, both of our weights, and her daddy's head. Imagine that! Now, just because her head is small doesn't mean that there isn't a shit load of stuff going on up there. Hayden is petite minus the fact that she measures a bit tall. A mini me. I love it!
She handled her vaccines very well, as usual. She only received two this time. I have decided to delay her vaccines. Just in the delivery of them. I have chosen to only give her two at a time. How this will play out I am not sure. I need to take the time to sit down and write out the schedule that I want for her. She had all of her shots at her 2, 4 and 6 month visits (minus the HIB, which is in shortage), so she is pretty much on track. I decided to start the two shots only rule this month. I thought she would be receiving four or five shots this month and I wasn't kosher with that. So, I decided to try something else. I will only allow the MMR at 15 months, nothing else. in between now and then she will have to go back to the health department to receive the HIB that she is behind on. She needs two more doses of that particular vaccine.
Speaking of, back in August, when Hayden was 6 months, her pediatrician told me that the HIB was in short supply. She said that I should take her to the county health department in order to get it. So, that's what I did. Or tried to do. Our county will not vaccinate a child that has heath insurance. Yes, that's right, WILL NOT VACCINATE a child WITH HEATH INSURANCE!!! I was told by the lady on the phone that the stock they are given is for families without insurance. So, I guess that people with babies who are fortunate enough to be able to pay for some shitty coverage aren't as important as people with babies who can't pay for shitty coverage? I didn't understand that then and I don't understand that now. What I was able to do is this: go to the next county over. It is a bigger county in both population and size so maybe that is why they are allotted a stock of vaccines that can be used for peole with babies who are fortunate enough to afford shitty coverage. Insurance is a joke!
Yet another example why...
When I was pregnant with Hayden I was on a group policy at work. $58 something was taken out of my check each week for health insurance, it only covered me, not my husband. It did cover my pregnancy which was great. The plan included a $500 deductible, which was nothing and very easily affordable. My pregnancy cost me next to nothing. I should add that my work paid half of the cost of health care, which means my coverage actually cost $116 a week. WHAT? WHAT? I considered switching to a family plan through work and quickly decided that insurance through work is bullshit if not anything. They want $268 a week for family coverage. They can kiss my ass. I switched to Assurant one month after I had Hayden, my work policy covered her until then. I now pay $370 a month for our family, which consists of three people. This plan includes a $2000 deductible that two people on the policy must meet, which really means $4000. Each year! Last year Chip had to go to the doctor and then to the hospital for various testing. Turns out he had gall stones. Well, the ordeal cost $1200 of which $0 was paid by Assurant. It did not meet our deductibe so the fees were basically left up to us to pay. So, not only am I paying $370 a month on the policy, I am also responsible for the $1200. When Hayden or I go to the doctor we end up having to pay for everything, because it doesn't meet the deductible. I am livid at the fact that I pay for insurance yet I still pay all of our medical bills. Why have insurance? Catastrophe? I know. So, my intention now is to try to lower my monthly bill in exchange for a higher deductible. That is pretty much where I am at anyway. I will still pay for our routine visits but will still have coverage should anything very costly occur.
I honestly wish I could just cancel any and all health insurance plans but I guarantee the day I do that will be followed by a day that I so wish I didn't do that. Insurance blows. Who knew?

I'm going to wrap this up, it's been in drafts for over a week. Oops!

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