Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing Remarkable Here

It has been raining for three days. We need rain, just not for three days. The sun did make an appearance yesterday afternoon, it was short-lived.

We filed our taxes on Saturday. Thankfully, right around the time I am all WTF we can't keep going like this, we get some relief.

I find it intriguing to watch my daughter watch her one month old cousin. She points, waves and points again. She knows there is a baby in our house, but she isn't quite she what she thinks about that, she is supposed to be the baby.

Time, it slips past. Slowly when it shouldn't...gone before you know it.

My tongue hurts something terrible. So many words left unsaid, thinking before I speak.

Reality TV. Pathetic entertainment. 8:00 Monday through Thursday.

Just thoughts I feel like writing down. And, a photo to make me smile.

Friday marks the first day of Spring, oh how I love Spring. I intend to capture the 1st month of Spring in photos. Many pictures are taken with my camera that never make it past my hard drive, time for that to change. Starting Friday I will post (or attempt to) a photo everyday of the changes taking place around me. Enjoy, mom (my only occasional reader).

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