Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Crafty, artsy, creative...I strive to be each. See:

I made this onesie for Hayden's birthday party. I hand cut and stitched the star, the number 1 and each of the letters. The garland was also hand cut into shapes and sewn together. The cake, I can't forget the cake (the caterpillar from Baby Einstein). I posted a picture of the cake and the garland here.

When I decided I'd stop playing hard to get (after 15 years) and get hitched I thought it would be a great idea to make most of the decorations and bouquets (my sister's and mine) for my wedding. I ended up making my veil as well.

Honestly, I am a perfectionist. I know this. It aggravates Chip and will probably irritate Hayden when she is older and I demand that her room be spotless, you know, so we can eat off the floor. Because who knows when we might be required to eat off the floor. So, details are important to me, very important. I think that is why I appreciate and care for handmade things more than I do something that can be bought by the hundreds. A shitload of work goes into creating something meaningful, it has to be perfect, or damn close. Keeping in mind each person's idea of perfect is unique to that person.

Anyway, my mom always goes on about my capabilities when it comes to making stuff. She loves everything I make, and would even if I wasn't her first born, her only daughter. At least that is what I tell myself. This past weekend she gave me the materials to make a baby bag (diaper bag) for her sister (my aunt) who is about to become a grandmother. I haven't started on it yet, forgot all about it actually, until I saw the Hobby Lobby bag this morning on the counter in the kitchen. So, tonight after I tutor D I will work on Miya's baby bag.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Another one of my aunts sent me a text this morning asking me where I got the onesie Hayden wore for her party. HA! I made that SOB, you know it! I politely sent her a text back informing her that it was handmade by mama. Me being mama, and does she want me to make her one? I was only kidding, why would she need a 1 year old onesie, she's in her fifties. She didn't respond via text, she called at lunch. A lady she works with has a son that is turning 1 and she loved the onesie that Hayden modeled for a picture Tricia took of her at her party. I willingly offered to make one for him (Jagger). Awesome.

So, that's two projects I can put my creative brian to work on. Love it! Now that it is warming up and Hayden is increasingly independent I feel like I have the time and the desire to be crafty, artsy, and creative again. Last year I was in a bit of a rut, now I'm out! Bring on the commissions. Of course, these two projects fall under the family=free category.

Note~ I have two windows I made for Hayden's room. I will snap a couple of photos and share them here tomorrow.

Note~ I realize these aren't photos of a window, I forgot about those. But, I did take a couple photos of the blanket I made for Hayden. I used her newborn clothes to make it. I even did the embroidery of her name myself. And if you believe that then maybe you will also believe that I can make the earth stand still and walk across hot ash with bare feet. No, I did not do the embroidery, there I said it!

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