Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring: Day 12

Bubbles: Hours of Fun

Nothing spectacular about this picture. I selected it because of the bubbles, nothing says SPRING like bubbles! Right? This is what Chip and Hayden do to entertain themselves when the life of the party (mama) is at work. I knew we kept the pack around for something.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring: Day 10 & Day 11

Seeing Green

Three years ago I ordered 4 willow trees from Arbor Day. One died before I could get it in the ground. Two were planted in the pasture and later mowed over (by the same genius that planted them). The final tree was planted in the backyard of the rental, we have more rotties than you can count on 2 hands, you figure it out. The willow in the bottom photo just happened to be on the property when we moved here, lucky me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring: Day 9

Love Georgia.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Just Cut a Big One

I get up at 6:15 every morning. Rather, that is when my alarm goes off. I crawl out from under the covers about 10 minutes after that. Shower, put make up on, brush my hair and begin the search for something to wear. Now, if I were smart, and I used to be, I would pick out my clothes the night before. I do attempt to do this but I fail miserably. Most nights I end up falling asleep on the couch and end up pissed off that I have to get up and brush my teeth and trudge upstairs to bed, the travesty of it all!! Needless to say, I do not feel quite like stopping at the heap of shit I call clothes and digging through in hopes of finding an outfit for the next day. Yes, my clean clothes are piled on the floor, and in Hayden's room, and in the laundry room, WHAT?, I work 45 hours a week and care for a 13 month old when I get home. A mama has to watch TV sometime. Clothes, um, not at the top of my list. Putting them away isn't anyway.

I usually can locate a pair of pants rather quickly. The space on the back of the love seat in Hayden's room or the dryer are prime holding areas for clean clothes, I check these areas first. Things get a little complicated from this point on. Surprisingly, panties are not hard to find. Socks and a bra are though, and so is a shirt. Occasionally, if I am in dire need, I will creep back upstairs and by cell phone light look for a piece of cloth to cover the upper portion of my body for the day. This part sucks as it isn't nearly enough light (damn you, cell phone) and I end up slamming a button or a belt buckle on the (laminate) floor and OH! good morning guys, sorry to wake y'all up. And I truly am because this is what makes me late for work. If Hayden wakes up before I leave I will without a doubt be late, by 5 minutes, never fails. So, my goal in the morning is to go unnoticed and, if possible, find something to put on that does not require me to go upstairs.

Which brings me to my goal for today...make it through work without anyone really noticing the shirt I scrounged for and used to cover the upper portion of my body. I actually found this beauty sitting on the back of the love seat in Hayden's room. Hayden was sound to sleep upstairs with her daddy, so lighting up her room at the butt crack of dawn had no effect on her whatsoever. Take a peek, and yes, I did achieve my goal. Not one person noticed my shirt and if they did they did not say a word. Gotta love working in a warehouse where looking professional only happens when the Germans are in town.

ACK! Ignore the puffy morning eyes!

Spring: Day 8

There are white, yellow, orange, red and purple trees blooming everywhere right now, everywhere except our yard that is. We do not have a single tree with blooms on it. However, we do have 3 trees in bloom at our rental, which is right next door to us, and vacant. Yesterday I was able to make it over there to snap a couple of pictures of the Bradford Pear trees that I bought 3 years ago from the flea market for $5 bucks a piece. What an investment!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring: Day 7

This little sprout reminds me that we need to get started on the garden. This year the plan is to grow tomatoes, corn, green beans, peas, cantaloupe and berries. These are the vegetables and fruits that we eat regularly. We haven't decided what kind of berries but we MUST have berries! I figure the berries will take a good year or two to establish themselves, better start now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring: Day 5 & Day 6

Posting a Spring photo every day for a month, the initial plan, is not so easy. I intended to post yesterday's photo after I got home from tutoring D, but failed to do so. I will try harder next time, promise. Today I will post two photos, to make up for my slack.

Ah, and this next one I took on Monday. Hayden is actively participating in the chores around the house. She is seen here helping her daddy give the dogs fresh water, something she will be in charge of soon enough.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring: Day 3 & Day 4

To make up for Sunday, the day we rest...and play!
Hayden's first bout with the water hose. The hose won.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”
~Charles Dickens

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring: Day 2

This tree came to me from Arbor Day Foundation as a root, more or less, three years ago. I put a lot of time and a little effort into raising it up right. Mama is proud!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring: Day 1

I do not know what these are. Flowers? Weeds? Perhaps some species of Lupin(e)? They, along with daffodils, are the first flower/weed to bloom around these here parts.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

13, 7 & 1

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Crafty, artsy, creative...I strive to be each. See:

I made this onesie for Hayden's birthday party. I hand cut and stitched the star, the number 1 and each of the letters. The garland was also hand cut into shapes and sewn together. The cake, I can't forget the cake (the caterpillar from Baby Einstein). I posted a picture of the cake and the garland here.

When I decided I'd stop playing hard to get (after 15 years) and get hitched I thought it would be a great idea to make most of the decorations and bouquets (my sister's and mine) for my wedding. I ended up making my veil as well.

Honestly, I am a perfectionist. I know this. It aggravates Chip and will probably irritate Hayden when she is older and I demand that her room be spotless, you know, so we can eat off the floor. Because who knows when we might be required to eat off the floor. So, details are important to me, very important. I think that is why I appreciate and care for handmade things more than I do something that can be bought by the hundreds. A shitload of work goes into creating something meaningful, it has to be perfect, or damn close. Keeping in mind each person's idea of perfect is unique to that person.

Anyway, my mom always goes on about my capabilities when it comes to making stuff. She loves everything I make, and would even if I wasn't her first born, her only daughter. At least that is what I tell myself. This past weekend she gave me the materials to make a baby bag (diaper bag) for her sister (my aunt) who is about to become a grandmother. I haven't started on it yet, forgot all about it actually, until I saw the Hobby Lobby bag this morning on the counter in the kitchen. So, tonight after I tutor D I will work on Miya's baby bag.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there. Another one of my aunts sent me a text this morning asking me where I got the onesie Hayden wore for her party. HA! I made that SOB, you know it! I politely sent her a text back informing her that it was handmade by mama. Me being mama, and does she want me to make her one? I was only kidding, why would she need a 1 year old onesie, she's in her fifties. She didn't respond via text, she called at lunch. A lady she works with has a son that is turning 1 and she loved the onesie that Hayden modeled for a picture Tricia took of her at her party. I willingly offered to make one for him (Jagger). Awesome.

So, that's two projects I can put my creative brian to work on. Love it! Now that it is warming up and Hayden is increasingly independent I feel like I have the time and the desire to be crafty, artsy, and creative again. Last year I was in a bit of a rut, now I'm out! Bring on the commissions. Of course, these two projects fall under the family=free category.

Note~ I have two windows I made for Hayden's room. I will snap a couple of photos and share them here tomorrow.

Note~ I realize these aren't photos of a window, I forgot about those. But, I did take a couple photos of the blanket I made for Hayden. I used her newborn clothes to make it. I even did the embroidery of her name myself. And if you believe that then maybe you will also believe that I can make the earth stand still and walk across hot ash with bare feet. No, I did not do the embroidery, there I said it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothing Remarkable Here

It has been raining for three days. We need rain, just not for three days. The sun did make an appearance yesterday afternoon, it was short-lived.

We filed our taxes on Saturday. Thankfully, right around the time I am all WTF we can't keep going like this, we get some relief.

I find it intriguing to watch my daughter watch her one month old cousin. She points, waves and points again. She knows there is a baby in our house, but she isn't quite she what she thinks about that, she is supposed to be the baby.

Time, it slips past. Slowly when it shouldn't...gone before you know it.

My tongue hurts something terrible. So many words left unsaid, thinking before I speak.

Reality TV. Pathetic entertainment. 8:00 Monday through Thursday.

Just thoughts I feel like writing down. And, a photo to make me smile.

Friday marks the first day of Spring, oh how I love Spring. I intend to capture the 1st month of Spring in photos. Many pictures are taken with my camera that never make it past my hard drive, time for that to change. Starting Friday I will post (or attempt to) a photo everyday of the changes taking place around me. Enjoy, mom (my only occasional reader).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chasing a Shadow

Vernal Equinox.

One Week.

One Family's Friend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Range

OK, so maybe I did say that Hayden was able to put herself to sleep at nap time and at night. Maybe I was telling the truth at that particular time and maybe she did do that...for a whole 3 days or something. I had since went back to holding her until she fell asleep while sitting on the love seat in her room. Occasionally, she took a bottle while we sat there. We are trying to wean her off the bottle (and it's working, hell yeah!) so that isn't an option any longer. Not to mention the fact that she really couldn't care less about mama holding her any longer. She has been bitten by the independent bug. Now, at approximately 7:30-8:00 (new time) she is taken to her crib where she buzzes around and protests like an angry little bee, but only for a minute or so and then all is well and quiet.
In the past week Hayden has figured out how to go down a step, she conquered going up a step months ago, much to my dismay. Our house is surrounded by a wrap around porch, a porch being held together by a single nail, I shit you not. She has scarily teetered at the edge of the step down onto the sidewalk for several months now, not able to go down on her own. Frustration has mounted. Hers, not mine. She/I didn't realize that once she managed to get her little self down the step a whole new world was right in front of her pretty little face. A world full of dogs, rocks, sticks, daffodils, dogs, chickens, speaking of chickens...I went outside with her two days ago and she immediately goes to the step, sits down, swings her legs around and is off. I ran back inside for something and came back to find her hunched down fingering something brown on the sidewalk. Dirt? Mud? Oh no, to easy. Too clean. I look closer and yep, it has the telltale white coating that most chicken shit has. The shit that I've had the pleasure of seeing anyway (see:center picture at top of blog page). So, here is Hayden thoroughly enjoying her new discovery, rubbing her fingers together, swinging her arms around. I quickly smell her hand just to be sure, because you know, seeing it and recognizing it immediately isn't proof enough. I gag. She smiles. Chip hears me asking her if she likes to play with shit that has fallen from a yard bird and materializes with a few wet wipes to remedy the stinky situation. Save. This time.
I am 100% sure that shit like this will happen again, pun intended.
Quite the character, Hayden has taken to belly laughing often, and it is great. Her laugh has to be the sweetest, funniest thing I have heard in forever. I love, love, love it. When she is taking a bath I soap up my hands and attempt to clean the cheese from the wrinkle of skin we call her neck. The child can not take it. She laughs hysterically and for some reason is unable to hold her head up. I think she is attempting to get away from me but at the same time loves the feeling it gives her and so wants more mama more! Honestly, the whole thing makes me laugh pretty hard too. To have found her spot, her funny spot, is awesome.
Sneaky. She is that too. Now that she has free range of the yard she truly runs wild. She picks up a rock and studies it like she may be quizzed on it later. It then gets squeezed into her little palm until she thinks I am not looking. Then she inches her hand towards her mouth and slowly cuts her eyes to where I am. If I am looking at her she acts as if she is just merely swinging her arms, if I am not looking then she quickly inserts the rock into her mouth and goes about hunting another rock. Fun days ahead I tell you. Spring and summer right around the corner, a 1 year old that climbs up and down steps (and thinks it is the greatest thing since blueberries), throw in 10 rottweilers, 50 bajillion rocks and we have ourselves a heart attack on the horizon. Oh, can't wait.
Seriously though, this is going to be the best year yet! Bring on the 100 degree temperatures.

*I say that now, in 4 months I'll be cussing the heat and drought with a vengence.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This, That & Insurance Woes

I was thinking about how I want this blog to read. I am pretty sure that I want this to be a journal, almost like a diary, but not secret. Some blogs are authored by people that speak to their reader. I don't have any readers so I shouldn't be speaking to anyone. So, for now, I will make a conscience effort to write in such a way that doesn't make me appear crazy, like I am talking to imaginary people. Asking questions that get imaginary responses.

Hayden's 1 year well check was Friday. All went well. These are the figures:
Length: 30 inches
Weight: 19.8 pounds
Head: 17.125 inches or 43.5 centimeters

She is measuring a little tall, slightly light, and somewhat small but proportional. In other words she has inherited her daddy's height, both of our weights, and her daddy's head. Imagine that! Now, just because her head is small doesn't mean that there isn't a shit load of stuff going on up there. Hayden is petite minus the fact that she measures a bit tall. A mini me. I love it!
She handled her vaccines very well, as usual. She only received two this time. I have decided to delay her vaccines. Just in the delivery of them. I have chosen to only give her two at a time. How this will play out I am not sure. I need to take the time to sit down and write out the schedule that I want for her. She had all of her shots at her 2, 4 and 6 month visits (minus the HIB, which is in shortage), so she is pretty much on track. I decided to start the two shots only rule this month. I thought she would be receiving four or five shots this month and I wasn't kosher with that. So, I decided to try something else. I will only allow the MMR at 15 months, nothing else. in between now and then she will have to go back to the health department to receive the HIB that she is behind on. She needs two more doses of that particular vaccine.
Speaking of, back in August, when Hayden was 6 months, her pediatrician told me that the HIB was in short supply. She said that I should take her to the county health department in order to get it. So, that's what I did. Or tried to do. Our county will not vaccinate a child that has heath insurance. Yes, that's right, WILL NOT VACCINATE a child WITH HEATH INSURANCE!!! I was told by the lady on the phone that the stock they are given is for families without insurance. So, I guess that people with babies who are fortunate enough to be able to pay for some shitty coverage aren't as important as people with babies who can't pay for shitty coverage? I didn't understand that then and I don't understand that now. What I was able to do is this: go to the next county over. It is a bigger county in both population and size so maybe that is why they are allotted a stock of vaccines that can be used for peole with babies who are fortunate enough to afford shitty coverage. Insurance is a joke!
Yet another example why...
When I was pregnant with Hayden I was on a group policy at work. $58 something was taken out of my check each week for health insurance, it only covered me, not my husband. It did cover my pregnancy which was great. The plan included a $500 deductible, which was nothing and very easily affordable. My pregnancy cost me next to nothing. I should add that my work paid half of the cost of health care, which means my coverage actually cost $116 a week. WHAT? WHAT? I considered switching to a family plan through work and quickly decided that insurance through work is bullshit if not anything. They want $268 a week for family coverage. They can kiss my ass. I switched to Assurant one month after I had Hayden, my work policy covered her until then. I now pay $370 a month for our family, which consists of three people. This plan includes a $2000 deductible that two people on the policy must meet, which really means $4000. Each year! Last year Chip had to go to the doctor and then to the hospital for various testing. Turns out he had gall stones. Well, the ordeal cost $1200 of which $0 was paid by Assurant. It did not meet our deductibe so the fees were basically left up to us to pay. So, not only am I paying $370 a month on the policy, I am also responsible for the $1200. When Hayden or I go to the doctor we end up having to pay for everything, because it doesn't meet the deductible. I am livid at the fact that I pay for insurance yet I still pay all of our medical bills. Why have insurance? Catastrophe? I know. So, my intention now is to try to lower my monthly bill in exchange for a higher deductible. That is pretty much where I am at anyway. I will still pay for our routine visits but will still have coverage should anything very costly occur.
I honestly wish I could just cancel any and all health insurance plans but I guarantee the day I do that will be followed by a day that I so wish I didn't do that. Insurance blows. Who knew?

I'm going to wrap this up, it's been in drafts for over a week. Oops!