Friday, February 6, 2009


I am appreciating the FEEDJIT gadget I added to my page. The knowing. Last night while sitting on the couch, after having peeked at Myspace, I quickly decided to remove a little something, something from one of my posts from last year. Funny feeling and I usually follow my funny feelings, I married Chip. I could be completely off (and some will argue that I am) but I thought it was the best thing to do. Enough said. I am old enough to know that sometimes it's best to not offer too much information.

In baby news...
Hayden has a fondness for streaking through the living room after she takes a bath and has been dried off. It's a ritual that I allow her to indulge in, and occasionally it is a risky scenario. Take last Thursday for example, if you will. Chip was sitting at the computer and I was doing whatever it is I do while she frolicks freely about amusing herself and us. She was interested in the poker game Chip was playing online and was tiptoeing trying to peer over the edge of the desk in order to see the monitor. I noticed something laying behind her, just at her feet. Upon closer inspection I recognized it to be a, ready for this, a turd! I could not believe that it had fallen from her freshly washed heiny, just couldn't. I was certain it fell out of her diaper as Chip took it off of her to bring her into the bathtub. Wrong! I spread her little cheeks apart and sure enough, turd stains. The little stinker had dropped a load right there on the living room floor, and if I am not mistaken she grinned devilishly, knowing full well she just assaulted the carpet.

Fast forward to the next night, just after her bath. She is running wild and free in the living room, naked as a jay bird, when she decides to cop a squat. Neither Chip nor I saw her squeeze this one out either. Unreal. But, there it was, slightly bigger than the previous one. Chip and I just looked at each other and laughed, two times in two days our little girl shit on the carpet, and after her bath. So much for being and staying clean.

Last night she peed on the tile, just inches from the carpet. Better choice, wouldn't you agree, pee and tile, we'll take that over carpet and shit any day.

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