Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Switch

Hayden has been given whole milk on several occasions. She will drink it from her bottle, not so much from her sippy cup. Water and juice (maybe two times a week, calm down!) are all she drinks otherwise. On Saturday I made the decision to not run out and get another bottle of formula when the last drop fell, saving us $5.89. Her morning bottle was formula, the evening bottle, milk. Sunday, all milk. Monday, all milk. Dude, I really think she is taking to it well. She is a bit constipated, a little Karo should solve that, hopefully. So, the switch has happened and damn, it was fairly simple. She is taking only three bottles a day tops. Most of the time she will only drink about 4oz and she is finished. I suppose she is more interested in actual food for filling her tummy than liquid. Fine by me, she is thriving and hell, it saves us a great deal of money. I planned to wait until her 1st birthday to switch but this just kind of happened and she is only 15 days out from her big day. Another milestone down, happy and sad.

I think the next hurdle we will try to jump will be waving bye bye to the bottle. She really doesn't take it unless she is having a bad day with her teeth (oh, the teeth, damn the teeth) or she desires the taste of something heavier, creamier than water or juice. If we can get her to drink milk from her cup she may just throw the bottle out herself. The other night I gave her the option of milk in her bottle (which she swatted at and mumbled a few choice words) or water in her cup, she took the water wholeheartedly. Again, fine by me.

I am not going to go into much detail about Hayden this post, I want to save it for her 1st birthday post which is coming in a couple of weeks.

Something I have noticed...I have many great ideas (or so I think) for posts when I am out and about, not at my computer, no note pad to write anything down on, which figures. My short term is um, short term, hence nothing remarkable being said here...just about ever!

PS Just because you can speak doesn't mean you have something intelligent to say.

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