Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Briefing: 1 Year: In Photos

Sweet Hayden,
If you only knew the amount of time I spent trying to create just the right slide show (with one particular song) to share with our family in celebration of your very first birthday, you'd be in awe of how dedicated I am, how perfect I want things to be for you (this has nothing to do with me being a perfectionist). Promise. I posted two different versions here in this very spot and was not happy with either one of them because 1. the music didn't work and B. they looked too commercial.

So, I settled on just posting a collaboration of quite a few carefully selected photos taken during your first year as my daughter. I hope that one day you will find these pages and enjoy them with your own child.

As I look at these photos I remember the space in time when they were taken. I remember being thrilled when you first rolled over, sat up, crawled and walked. It took 10 months for you to accomplish these things yet it feels like they happened in the course of a week. Two thousand and eight flew by, lightening fast. I remember when I was a little girl and time stood still, or seemed to anyway. A year felt as if it took forever to pass. Now, at thirty, years roll by too quickly. Cherish your time, Hayden, as I do mine, with you.

You've given me memories to last a lifetime, I hope I am giving you your own by writing about our lives together.

I will not talk of milestones, the only thing you haven't mastered is language, eating with utensils and drinking from a cup (without the sippy). Those things will come. I predict your first words besides mama, daddy, and cracker will be oh and shit. I haven't mastered language yet either, hence the reason you will probably cuss before you count.

I love you so, Hayden. You are my sunshine.


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