Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preparations and a Party

Preparation is key, I believe I've heard these words spoken before. Maybe it was practice makes perfect, similar statements, both pointing to positive end results via hard work. Such is the case (for the most part) for the weekend we just survived. The weekend our little girl celebrated her very first birthday.

3 weeks in advance I made this:

2 weeks in advance I started making this:

1 week in advance I sent these out:

1 day in advance the mama in me whipped these up like they were nothing, behold the caterpillar cake (less antennae):



Fruit dip and dill dip for a massively beautiful fruit and vegetable platter that I did not take a single photo of, imagine that. Both recipes were excellent!! Luckily, I made enough to have leftovers, which is beside the point, please continue...

1 hour after the party started it looked like this:

2 hours after the party started I looked at the door and saw this:

Which totally and completely said to me:
Mama, I'm ready to go home now.

So we did.

1 hour after we got home, just before she really wore her birthday suit, she looked like this:

It was a long time coming, Hayden's 1st birthday, her party. On this day last year Hayden was 6 days old, a newborn. 349 days later she is a walking, mumbling, almost finished teething toddler with a mama and daddy speechless from what a little girl can accomplish in the span of a year.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Enough Already Kate Winslet!

Something annoying.

Kate Winslet's acceptance huffing and puffing. Goodness, does it ever end? Was she in the middle of a marathon sex session in the shitter and upon hearing her name dart hysterically to the stage? I don't get it. Whistle if you agree.

I didn't watch the Oscars last night. I heard a clip of Kate's speech on the radio this morning, poor me. Sounds identical (almost) to the out-of-breath bs she spewed out at the Golden Globes. Skip ahead to 2 minutes and gather.

Now that I have that off my chest.

I actually watched about 20 mintues of The Amazing Race and called it quits. Hayden went to sleep at 7:15 and woke up at 8:15, but went right back to sleep with a little patting. I took that as a bad sign of things to come, meaning she would be up in two hours and who knew if she would be in the teething trenches or not. Turns out she was not. I didn't hear a peep out of her until 5:30 this morning, thank the sleep fairies, and Motrin. I got the much needed sleep I was lacking from the weekend.

I will follow up tomorrow with a post about Hayden's party and the preparation that went into it.

Gotta go...it's 5:00 somewhere, and that somewhere is here, now!

~ I just noticed that I published this at 2:05 originally. Dude, it took me 3 hours to effin' edit this post down to what you see before you. Have mercy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Year Apart

Welcome to the world Ingrid Rosemary Ruthanne!
February 18, 2009

My sister had her baby on Wednesday, which was also Hayden's birthday, which just happens to be their great grandmother's birthday too. Stranger things have happened? Maybe? What a rarity, a sweet one too.

I will be visiting the new mama and baby very soon. More pictures to come.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Briefing: 1 Year: In Photos

Sweet Hayden,
If you only knew the amount of time I spent trying to create just the right slide show (with one particular song) to share with our family in celebration of your very first birthday, you'd be in awe of how dedicated I am, how perfect I want things to be for you (this has nothing to do with me being a perfectionist). Promise. I posted two different versions here in this very spot and was not happy with either one of them because 1. the music didn't work and B. they looked too commercial.

So, I settled on just posting a collaboration of quite a few carefully selected photos taken during your first year as my daughter. I hope that one day you will find these pages and enjoy them with your own child.

As I look at these photos I remember the space in time when they were taken. I remember being thrilled when you first rolled over, sat up, crawled and walked. It took 10 months for you to accomplish these things yet it feels like they happened in the course of a week. Two thousand and eight flew by, lightening fast. I remember when I was a little girl and time stood still, or seemed to anyway. A year felt as if it took forever to pass. Now, at thirty, years roll by too quickly. Cherish your time, Hayden, as I do mine, with you.

You've given me memories to last a lifetime, I hope I am giving you your own by writing about our lives together.

I will not talk of milestones, the only thing you haven't mastered is language, eating with utensils and drinking from a cup (without the sippy). Those things will come. I predict your first words besides mama, daddy, and cracker will be oh and shit. I haven't mastered language yet either, hence the reason you will probably cuss before you count.

I love you so, Hayden. You are my sunshine.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where ~ O ~ Where

Hayden's response to:

Where's mama?
Where's daddy?
Where's Wyndie?
Where's your big toe?
Where's your shitty diaper?

...you get the picture, and how adorable is she?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Before, After & Then Some



Gosh, I don't know how these could post any smaller. I haven't a clue as to how to enlarge images I upload. These will have to work for now.

I won't go into detail about how disastrous her room was. I won't point a finger at who is to blame for that either. If I did I'd be pointing it at myself, unfortunately.

Take a peek at Hayden, this is from last Friday. I realized after the fact that it sounds like we raise yard birds on our property. Damn chickens! Thankfully, she wasn't uttering any hard to come by words that may have gotten lost in all the cockadoodling that was going on. Busy day in the chicken world, lots of information to crow about.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Over Halfway There

It is no wonder she only occasionally sleeps through the night, still gnaws her pacifier, dries up the Tylenol stock around town and once in a while has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I find solace in the fact that she is over halfway finished teething. Cutting teeth blows and I can't wait for it to be over, for her and for her daddy and I.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I am appreciating the FEEDJIT gadget I added to my page. The knowing. Last night while sitting on the couch, after having peeked at Myspace, I quickly decided to remove a little something, something from one of my posts from last year. Funny feeling and I usually follow my funny feelings, I married Chip. I could be completely off (and some will argue that I am) but I thought it was the best thing to do. Enough said. I am old enough to know that sometimes it's best to not offer too much information.

In baby news...
Hayden has a fondness for streaking through the living room after she takes a bath and has been dried off. It's a ritual that I allow her to indulge in, and occasionally it is a risky scenario. Take last Thursday for example, if you will. Chip was sitting at the computer and I was doing whatever it is I do while she frolicks freely about amusing herself and us. She was interested in the poker game Chip was playing online and was tiptoeing trying to peer over the edge of the desk in order to see the monitor. I noticed something laying behind her, just at her feet. Upon closer inspection I recognized it to be a, ready for this, a turd! I could not believe that it had fallen from her freshly washed heiny, just couldn't. I was certain it fell out of her diaper as Chip took it off of her to bring her into the bathtub. Wrong! I spread her little cheeks apart and sure enough, turd stains. The little stinker had dropped a load right there on the living room floor, and if I am not mistaken she grinned devilishly, knowing full well she just assaulted the carpet.

Fast forward to the next night, just after her bath. She is running wild and free in the living room, naked as a jay bird, when she decides to cop a squat. Neither Chip nor I saw her squeeze this one out either. Unreal. But, there it was, slightly bigger than the previous one. Chip and I just looked at each other and laughed, two times in two days our little girl shit on the carpet, and after her bath. So much for being and staying clean.

Last night she peed on the tile, just inches from the carpet. Better choice, wouldn't you agree, pee and tile, we'll take that over carpet and shit any day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Switch

Hayden has been given whole milk on several occasions. She will drink it from her bottle, not so much from her sippy cup. Water and juice (maybe two times a week, calm down!) are all she drinks otherwise. On Saturday I made the decision to not run out and get another bottle of formula when the last drop fell, saving us $5.89. Her morning bottle was formula, the evening bottle, milk. Sunday, all milk. Monday, all milk. Dude, I really think she is taking to it well. She is a bit constipated, a little Karo should solve that, hopefully. So, the switch has happened and damn, it was fairly simple. She is taking only three bottles a day tops. Most of the time she will only drink about 4oz and she is finished. I suppose she is more interested in actual food for filling her tummy than liquid. Fine by me, she is thriving and hell, it saves us a great deal of money. I planned to wait until her 1st birthday to switch but this just kind of happened and she is only 15 days out from her big day. Another milestone down, happy and sad.

I think the next hurdle we will try to jump will be waving bye bye to the bottle. She really doesn't take it unless she is having a bad day with her teeth (oh, the teeth, damn the teeth) or she desires the taste of something heavier, creamier than water or juice. If we can get her to drink milk from her cup she may just throw the bottle out herself. The other night I gave her the option of milk in her bottle (which she swatted at and mumbled a few choice words) or water in her cup, she took the water wholeheartedly. Again, fine by me.

I am not going to go into much detail about Hayden this post, I want to save it for her 1st birthday post which is coming in a couple of weeks.

Something I have noticed...I have many great ideas (or so I think) for posts when I am out and about, not at my computer, no note pad to write anything down on, which figures. My short term is um, short term, hence nothing remarkable being said here...just about ever!

PS Just because you can speak doesn't mean you have something intelligent to say.