Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holy Shit Dogs!

I don't think I have ever talked much about our rottweilers. We have 10 of them, yes, you read right, 10. Until this past weekend we were down to 8.

Let me explain our dog situation, I'll try to be short and sweet but that may or may not happen.

When I met Chip, 16 years ago, he had Bud, part rottweiler, part black labrador. Awesome dog! Chip trained him to be his best friend and protector, and he was. Bud lived a fabulous life, he was well traveled and pretty much had his master all to himself. He was somewhat aggressive and most people wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, he liked it that way though. Bud died from bone cancer and all but crumbled Chip's heart into a million little pieces. The dog was almost like his boy, he still gets emotional about Bud at times. His ashes are situated in our hutch and will forever remain with us, I am sure.

Chip got his next dog, Hannah, while Bud was still alive. I believe she was about 2 years old when he got her. He spent a good amount of time selecting a rottweiler, she fit the bill. She was trained and apparently what Chip was looking for. So, that was it for a short time. About a year and a half, maybe two years, later he ended up getting Hannah's brother, Khan. This worked out well. Hannah had a litter mate to play with and Chip had two gorgeous dogs, of which one was trained. Time passes, clocks tick.

Hannah was bred to Gonzzo Earl Antonius just over 3 years ago. Gonzzo is a world champion, you can google him and see for yourself. The litter whelped seven puppies. I swooped in and picked the one I wanted, his name is Aksel (I was living in GA at the time, Chip in FL, and I wanted one to bring home with me). He sold one to a good friend of his in north FL, gave one to a long time friend, one to my sister, sold another one to the vet's nephew and that left him with two females, Akira and Ageda. Eventually, Chip moved to GA and the litter of seven became three, his 2 females and my male, Aksel (bad ass arm crushing lover). So, now, to bring everyone up to speed, this gives us Hannah, Khan, Aksel, Kira and Geda, five, yes five, rottweilers.

Somewhere along the lines Chip decides that five isn't enough, he takes it upon himself to acquire two more females, both coming from the guy who owns Gonzzo. I would like to add that I thought he was coming home from Virginia (where he had to go to get the girls) with one female, he surprised me with two. Not very smart. That is all I will say (not trying to piss myself off early today). So, now we have Wyndie and Anouk (pronounced a-nook) to add to the pack. Not for long though, a family came along and wanted Anouk, fine by me. Geda went to live with her brother, Apollo, and his family in FL, also fine by me. Wyndie is still with us today, she actually has a long story behind her, but I will save that for another post. She actually stays inside with us, the others are in the kennel (ac, heat, hay, the works!).

This brings me to last year, around August or September I believe. One morning Chip got up and hauled ass out of the house. I had no clue where he was going and honestly didn't care too much. I was sleeping and had to work. I called him and he was vague about his whereabouts and whatnot. Needless to say when I got home there was an 8 week old puppy running around the house, meet Caelie. Chip had went to Atlanta to pick her up via Delta, she had been flown in from CA. She was and still is very feisty. She actually won the title of Best Puppy in her class and Best Puppy at the show in central Ohio. She is not quite 2 and a half yet and is still running damn wild at our place.

Considering we have seven, yes seven, dogs at this point Chip decides he is going to start seriously working the ones that show promise. He had been working them on his own for some time but thought it would be helpful to have a trainer assist him. On his trips to TN for training he met a man who would shortly after give him Alex, our final dog acquired from an outside source, for now anyway. Alex is aggressive, he is a young dog and thinks his shit is better than the other males, he has no idea that he is the smallest and youngest and will be shredded if he ever thinks of seriously trying Aksel or Khan, despite his many trophies and such.

That gives us Hannah, Khan, Aksel, Kira, Wyndie, Caelie and Alex, gah! Well, as they say shit happens. Two Christmases ago Chip and I return home from breakfast at my uncle's house to find that Alex jumped over his 5 foot fence and proceeded to lift the latch on a 10x10x8 fenced area that Wyndie was in, she was in heat. The bastard accomplished quite a feat and was handsomely rewarded. Wyndie had 12 (bottle fed)pups, of which 9 made it. We have slowly whittled our way down to one female, Binga, she is 10 months old and is awesome, according to Chip. Now we have eight.

This brings me to two weeks ago. Chip gets a call from his friend in FL that he gave Apollo and Geda to. He and his wife are having another baby and they can't keep the dogs. We have no choice but to take them back, we can not let them end up with other people we don't know or in a shelter. So, Chip and I drove down to Perry this past weekend and picked the heathens up. And ten!

Right now we feed 10 adult rottweilers, minus Binga. We feed her but she is not an adult. All of them, minus Wyndie, live luxuriously outside in a kennel made of gold. Between them they have 3 acres of land to roam, yet they are hell bent on running the fence line and not taking advantage of the lush green grass waiting for them to do more than shit on. I spend most of my time with Hayden so I don't get out with them as much as I used to, especially now that it is winter. They pretty much are Chip's responsibility.

There's a lot I left out, like Hannah's second litter, which also hit the ground last year. Bottle fed as well, but living the good life now. Last year was a doozy, what with a newborn and two litters of bottle fed puppies. I don't know how we did it, but we did. It was damn hard too.

Kira will be bred in March to another worthy male. I forgot to mention in greater detail that each of our dogs come from world class stock. Their mamas, daddies, and grandparents are the shit. So, we don't just have ten rottweilers, we have ten fantastic, very desirable, rottweilers. Chip is proud of what he has and the time it took to get to this point. I am curious to see what kind of puppy Kira throws. Hopefully, one that looks like her but has Alex and Caelie's thrill for life.

If you or someone you know love rottweilers and want a show quality dog that is pure and will work please see here!

God, I have to shut up now. I am dog tired of rambling about dogs. Maybe this explains my "not-just-any-dog lover" description above. Oh, and short+sweet = fail!

NOTE: This is written in past and present tense and I am not about to make corrections, take it or leave it!

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