Friday, December 19, 2008

Long Story, Short.

I honestly didn't pay much attention to the story when it first happened but that changed a couple of months ago. I was bored at work and had seen a message on a friend's myspace page that Casey had been arrested and was in jail on charges related to the case involving her missing daughter. I decided to educate myself on the case, I read the documents that had been released by the Orange County Sheriff's office and listened to tapes from Casey's interviews with the police, her mother's interviews, etc. I pretty much made my mind up that she was indeed guilty of murdering her daughter or at the very least had everything to do with her dissapearance. I won't go into detail why I believe this other than to say she was caught in too many lies for me to ever believe anything she said to be the truth. So, Casey has been sitting in jail for a couple of months now while people everywhere search for Caylee, her beautiful daughter who would have turned three years old while all of this is going on. Last week a meter reader decides he is going to take a trip into the wooded area less than half a mile from Caylee's grandparents home. Lo and behold this man finds a bag that has a human skull in it. He calls authorities and they do an intensive and extensive search of the area, an area that they were called to in August by this same individual. They find numerous bones, unfortunately. Here we are a week or so later and they have finally concluded that the bones found in the wooded area are indeed Caylee Anthony's.

My heart breaks.

Authorities won't say how Casey reacted when she was told the truth, something she doesn't know the meaning of. Did she honestly think she would get away with murdering her baby? I think she did. Stupidity. Karma.

I can't wait to see how this plays out now. The trial that is to come. The justice that hopefully will follow. I feel for Casey's mother and father. They stood by her and unconditionally loved her. Now what? Now they have to come to terms with the fact that their grand daughter is dead and that their daughter most likely is responsible for her death. Unimaginable.

I would say I am speechless but I obviously am not. Stunned, perhaps is a better word. I knew the bones that were found would turn out to be Caylee's, but to hear it, and for it to be scientifically proven and stated is heartbreaking for any mother, for any parent, for any decent human being.

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