Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little of This, Little of That

Same shit, different day. I have dismantled the Pay Per Play "thingy" that I tried to add to my blog last week. I thought it worked but am not sure to be honest. I have however figured out how to successfully run ads by Google on here, yippee for me! I realize someone actually has to be visiting this page for the ads to even begin to work. People then have to click the ad, which is something else all together. I read plenty of blogs and rarely click the ads on the page. I guess I should be contributing, huh? We'll see how it goes. I think one person besides my mom reads this, well, that one person read one entry and hauled ass. Wait, I do have a friend that read a post a while back and made a comment. So, total to date is three readers, and those three don't always read.

Tonight is our Christmas party for work. We are celebrating at a very nice, delicious restaurant in Dalton. Last time we were there the food was awesome. Hopefully, tonight will be the same. We were instructed to bring a gag gift so that we could participate in the gift exchange. I figured I would bring a gift from me and a gift from Chip. I personally think my gag gift is going to top them all. I spent weeks coming up with this idea: a box of rocks. Now, I am not giving just any old box. I dug deep and splurged for what some might call the most festive box ever. The rocks I simply gathered from around the tree in the dog lot, the tree that eight large, full-of-piss rottweilers flock to first thing in the morning. Thoughtful, huh? Nobody has to know, of course. Chip's gift is slightly more dirty, if that is possible. After breaking into my rat hole money at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I came out the proud owner of a pair of reading glasses, black rimmed and all. These, along with a Playboy from the 70's, should bring one recipient out of whatever rut he or she may be in. I'll update later this week as to how the gift exchange goes.

On to baby stuff. Hayden is doing great, marvelous. She is growing incredibly fast, and crawls just the same. She has been pulling up, as I have stated here before. Now she takes 4, 5, maybe even 6 steps and gets so excited she falls over. She is a hair from being able to stand when you set her down. She goes around saying dada all the time and is mocking short sentences that we say to her. The other night we were feeding her and Chip said something like you got it or you get'em, and Hayden said something like ouoti or ouetm. I squealed and slapped my hand over my mouth, Chip looked at me , I looked at him, Hayden looked at me (to see how to react) and I smiled. She laughed. It was fascinating to see how it all went down. She was proud of herself, as were we. A couple of days ago the same thing happened with Hayden and my sister. I can't remember what she said but Hayden repeated the sound, I heard it from upstairs. I didn't want to yell down and disrupt the learning going on so I let the moment go. I love moments like those, especially with Hayden.

Work is slow, very slow. People were laid off yesterday, not permanently, but it still hurts. I heard they were told to return January 5th. Fortunately, I am in one of those positions that can not be filled by anyone else here, meaning I am the only person who knows how to do what I do. Thank God! I am grateful for my job and will keep my mouth shut for a while longer...to ensure that I keep it. I can't remember if I posted anything about my, um, shall we say, issues with the way things tend to run around here. I probably was quite vague if I did, and will continue to be (am grateful for job, want to keep it). The economy is in the shitter, any job is better than no job. Suck it up, put a smile on your face!


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Hey heather, it's Brittany.
I drop by and read this sometimes!

that was a good idea for a gag gift, y the way. very original!

I keep a blog too.

It's there. I don't update it very often, though.